S’pore Woman Buys S$265 AirPods Pro On Carousell, Device Falls Apart After Dropping Once

Woman Regrets Falling For AirPods Pro Scam On Carousell

Listing platforms like Carousell can at times allow users to snag products for cheap, though they must be wary of unscrupulous sellers. A TikTok user recently learnt her lesson the hard way after realising that she had bought a fake pair of AirPods Pro for just S$265.

She took to TikTok to tell more about her experience making the initial discovery.


I went to iStudio to check if I could fix the malfunctioned side and that’s how I found out it was fake💀

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In a subsequent video where she was recounting the incident, the fake AirPods broke into pieces after she accidentally dropped them on the floor.

Woman unknowingly buys fake AirPods Pro off Carousell for S$265

The OP, Jiaxuan, started her initial TikTok video by sharing that she had purchased a sealed AirPodsPro (2nd generation) off Carousell.

She also shared screenshots of the conversation she had with the seller via several Instagram Story posts.

Source: @leejiaxuan__ on Instagram

The screenshots depicted how she bargained with the seller for a lower price and eventually sealed the deal at S$265.

Cautious at first, she even asked him why he was letting go of the earphones at such a low price. In response, the seller came up with a very convincing reason — his uncle had gifted it to him, but he did not need it as he already had a pair of AirPods Max.

Source: @jiaxuanwithnof on TikTok

Perhaps finding the seller’s reasons logical and convincing, Jiaxuan went ahead with the transaction. She even thought that she found herself a good deal as the price was nearly S$100 less than the retail price of S$362.35.

Source: Apple

In fact, she did not notice anything amiss even after they met up for the deal at Bishan.

Jiaxuan shared that the product appeared legitimate as there was plastic wrapping around the box. Later, the seller apparently unwrapped the plastic layer for her and patiently taught her how to ‘authenticate’ the AirPods.

Things were going almost too swimmingly as the seller even gifted her a free casing for the new AirPods.

She also shared that the seller seemed trustworthy.

Source: @jiaxuanwithnof on TikTok

She was further convinced that the AirPods were authentic after they successfully connected to her phone.

Jiaxuan said in her TikTok that she subsequently sent a message to thank the seller for not being a scammer after they parted ways.

However, things took a turn two weeks later, when her new device started malfunctioning.

Speaking to MS News, Jiaxuan said she brought the AirPods to iStudio about three weeks later and learned that it was a pair of dupes.

AirPods break into pieces after user drops them

As if things could not get any more tragic, Jiaxuan dropped the dupes as she was filming a follow-up video. The impact evidently caused the earphones to break into pieces.

Source: @jiaxuanwithnof on TikTok

While narrating her story, Jiaxuan berated herself for missing all the red flags the seller had, including the fact that he had requested cash payment.

Source: @leejiaxuan__ on Instagram

In hindsight, Jiaxuan realised he probably did so to ensure that there was no proof of her transaction.

Furthermore, she shared that the man appeared rather impatient and seemed like he was “urgently trying to get out”. Since he seemed genuine, she agreed to let him make a move first before she could check her purchase thoroughly.

Despite how traumatising the experience was, Jiaxuan shared that she does not intend to lodge a report given how there’s insufficient evidence. She has since treated the incident as a “lesson learnt” for her.

Be wary when buying online

If this incident and countless others have taught us anything, it’s to be extra cautious when purchasing items online.

When purchases involve significant sums of money, especially, it would be good to request some proof of transaction in case anything goes awry.

The lesson is a painful one in this case, but we hope Jiaxuan is able to cope with it just fine.

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Featured image adapted from @jiaxuanwithnof on TikTok and TikTok.

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