Donate A Power Bank, Donate Rice

We’ve been taught to recycle electronic products we no longer want. That’s all good — save the environment.

Recently, Analogue+ gives us more reason to turn our old power banks in. Together with Belkin, the lifestyle store is holding a charity campaign that promises to donate 2,500kg of rice to the elderly for every 2,500kg of power banks collected.


Power bank collection points

You can play your part and drop off your old power banks at 3 locations:

  1. Analogue+, VivoCity #02-10
  2. Robinsons The Heeren, Level 4
  3. Robinsons Raffles City, Level 3

Don’t worry about your power banks being unusable because the organisers will be accepting all power banks, regardless of their condition.

But of course, don’t give them ones so smashed up that they can hardly be called a power bank any more.

Belkin vouchers for your effort

As an added incentive, the organisers will give you a $15 Belkin voucher for your donation.

In case you’re not familiar, Belkin is an consumer electronics brand. You’ll find everything from chargers to earphones to screen protectors.

As for the vouchers, unfortunately, they do not stack. This means, 1 voucher per transaction. Still, $15 off is a pretty sweet deal.

Recycling for a worthy cause

The campaign ends 31 Mar 2019.

So if you have a power bank you no longer want, or think you had one you haven’t used in a long, long time, why not turn it in for a good cause.

Featured image from Facebook and Photopoint.