Art student teaches us how to handle those awkward CNY questions

You cannot escape those gossipy family reunions during the Lunar New Year.

When will you get married?
Got girlfriend?
Why not study to be a doctor?

Every year we’d bite our tongues, flash a bright smile and politely wait for the tsunami of spit and intrusive questions to stop raining on our faces. This year, you won’t have to hide your face in the pineapple tart jar the next time you see your relative charging at you with a personal question.

In a poignant and viral blog post, a young NUS student Justin Ong wrote about the oncoming onslaught of awkward questions we get from relatives during Chinese New Year. He writes about the stigma of studying arts and why arts students have to even explain themselves for pursuing the field.

As an arts student, things can get hard when visiting family Justin reflects. It’s almost impossible to dodge the question of “what are you studying now?” by the extended family.

And it’s almost certain, as Justin narrates, their disappointment when they hear “arts”.

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Justin shares about the beauty of studying the arts that makes his gem of a post a worthwhile read. He shares what the arts has taught him.

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His post is empowering as he tells people to pursue their passion in life, over a meaningless chase for money. Read his full post here and keep a copy for the next time a relative asks why you want to pursue the arts.

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With reference to Justin Ong
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