Auntie With Dementia Suffers Toilet Woes In JEM, Police & Passers-By Offer Comfort & Help

Singapore Police, JEM Staff & Passers-By Offer Comfort & Help To Auntie With Dementia

As we roam the corridors of crowded shopping malls, it’s hard to feel connected with the strangers around us.

We merely brush past others, keeping within our own circle of comfort.

However, one lady was moved by what she witnessed at Jurong East Mall (JEM) on Wednesday (12 Aug).

She recounts the story of an auntie suffering from dementia having an “unfortunate toilet episode.”

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However, the story turned into a heartwarming one when people from many different walks of life came together to offer their help.

Auntie with dementia argued with son after unfortunate toilet incident

According to the Facebook post,  the OP said the auntie with dementia had an “unfortunate toilet episode” at JEM — without going into the specifics of the incident.

Auntie dementia helpSource

The incident apparently triggered her adult son, who lost his temper and ended up shouted loudly at her. It created a commotion, drawing the public’s attention.

Bearing witness to the incident, the OP recalled how she was almost in tears because of the scene that unfolded in front of her.

She had mixed feelings of the incident, empathising with both the auntie and her son.

JEM staff helped diffuse situation & comfort auntie

The OP wrote that concerned staff from Don Don Donki immediately called security for help.

Mariama from JEM’s security team soon arrived and diffused the situation.

She even linked arms with the auntie to offer comfort, despite not being able to converse with her due to a language barrier.

The auntie even gave her a hug in return.

However, the auntie was still visibly distressed and upset until Mr Tan from building management calmed her down by distracting her with jokes.

Auntie dementia helpThe auntie stood between Mr Tan and Mariama

The auntie gradually regained her composure as Mr Tan reassured her in Hokkien.

Many offered help to the auntie

Passers-by also took initiative to help the auntie suffering from dementia. Some approached the Love, Bonito apparel store to get fresh clothes for her to change into.

The staff immediately offered a dress off the racks, without hesitation.

Later, a policeman arrived at the scene. He accessed the situation and paid for the dress out of his own pocket. He even joked that, “no shop theft was committed”.

The kindhearted policeman even shared a friendly high-5 with the auntie.

He also patiently listened to the auntie’s son as he confided in the policeman about his situation. The policeman linked him up with relevant agencies that can help his predicament.

Throughout the incident many others also offered to help shield the auntie from public’s eye or bring a chair for her to sit down.

You can read the full Facebook post here.

Heartening to see compassionate side of Singaporeans

Dementia is a serious condition that affects memory, thinking and social abilities.

The condition is extremely challenging for individuals to handle and mentally draining for the loved ones around them.

It is heartening to see how Singaporeans took the time and effort to stop and help the auntie that suffered from dementia or go above and beyond their jobs to comfort the mother-son duo.

We hope the auntie and her son get the help they need and we wish them all the best.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

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