Auntie Bursts Into Laughter When Asked If She Has Enough Money To Retire In S’pore

Auntie Bursts Into Laughter When Asked If She Has Enough Money To Retire In S'pore

Singapore Auntie Bursts Into Laughter At Question About Cost Of Living, Says Money Is Never Enough

Amid an economic downturn and rise in the cost of living, many in Singapore are struggling to make ends meet in recent times.

This is why it wasn’t that surprising when an auntie spontaneously burst into laughter when asked by a Lianhe Zaobao interviewer if she had enough money to retire in Singapore.

TikTok commenters found her reaction both relatable and humorous.


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Other interviewees also pointed out their difficulties amid the rising cost of living here, including having to watch their spending or take on part-time jobs.

But everyone agrees that the auntie who laughed has to be the most relatable of the bunch.

Auntie bursts into laughter when asked if there’s enough money to survive in Singapore

Lianhe Zaobao posted the TikTok video on Sunday (10 Sep), where they asked seniors on the street whether they have enough money to survive in Singapore.

The first auntie burst into laughter the moment she heard the question.

auntie laughter

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

“Let me ask you, the question’s never been about whether there’s enough money to spend,” the auntie said after her laughter.

Money is never enough, you understand?

She then asked, “Have you seen the movie ‘Money No Enough’ by Jack Neo?”

Interviewees have to save & take on more jobs to make ends meet

Another woman who spoke to Lianhe Zaobao said that she not only busks but also has a part-time job.

“How much is enough?” she asked. “You tell me. Nobody knows, right? We don’t know the cost of living, how much it will go up.”

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

“That’s why I need to come out and busk,” the woman said, adding that her monthly expenses come up to around S$1,000.

Another man said that most of his savings went into his children’s education, so he doesn’t have much left.

auntie laughter

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

He is the sole breadwinner as his wife is a full-time homemaker.

“So I think going back to work is a good idea,” he said.

Not everyone appeared to be worried, however.

“I always [listen] to the Prime Minister and take his advice,” one woman said, referring to former Primer Minister Lee Kuan Yew. “He said, ‘Don’t look down on yourself, work hard, and plan for your future.'”

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

After taking his advice and working two to three jobs, the woman said she now lives in a six-room executive apartment with her son.

Netizens amused by first auntie’s reaction

Users who saw the video focused on the first auntie’s reaction, finding it extremely amusing.

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

Another commented that she had the vibe of a character in a Jack Neo film.

auntie laughter

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

If you’re watching, Jack Neo, perhaps you can consider casting this fan of your films in your next production.

This commenter agreed with her words, saying that she hit the nail right on the head.

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

On a more serious note, some remarked that something needs to be done about the high cost of living or it will be tough for many people.

Source: @zaobaosg on TikTok

What do you think of the interviewee’s answers? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments.

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