Rare Baby Barred Eagle-Owl Spotted At Rifle Range Link, Fluffy Sleepyhead Melts Netizens’ Hearts

Precious Baby Barred Eagle-Owl Sighted On Easter Sunday At Rifle Range Link

Once in a while, nature lovers in Singapore can cross paths with owls. Following a sighting of the rare adult Barred Eagle-Owl, its adorable baby version has gone on to claim many hearts.

Rare Barred Eagle-Owl Spotted In Bukit Timah, Intrigues Netizens With Hootiful Large Eyes

On Easter Sunday (4 Apr), photographer Mr Tan shared on Facebook his lucky encounter with a juvenile Barred Eagle-Owl at Central Catchment around Rifle Range Link.


Speaking to MS News, Mr Tan says that this comes after 5 failed attempts at finding the rare creature.

He also encourages budding photographers to keep their patience, and look out for large tree branches during future captures.

Adorable baby Barred Eagle-Owl at Rifle Range Link

At around 8am on Sunday (4 Apr), Mr Tan sighted a baby Barred Eagle-Owl at Rifle Range Link (RRL).


He was directed to the white fluffball by 2 photographers who happened to chance upon it.

According to Mr Tan, it’s very difficult to sight the nocturnal bird in daytime, especially a juvenile one.


Started out looking for adult owls

Recounting to MS News, Mr Tan says that his quest for Barred Eagle-Owls started a few months ago when he heard of likely sightings here.


While he also managed to capture the adult ones, the adorable baby owl came as a real bonus.

Easily distinguishable by their sideways facing ear tufts, they are classified as “very rare” by NParks.

As such, Mr Tan is grateful that the owls popped up nearby, and considers himself lucky to have sighted both the adult and baby ones.


Tips for budding photographers

If you are thinking of heading down to try your luck, simply go up Rifle Range Road to the end to enter RRL.

Alternatively, you can enter via MacRitchie Reservoir, which entails a walk of 5-6km — take in the sights and perhaps meet other animals on your hike.

Moreover, Mr Tan advises photographers and nature lovers hoping to spot rare owls at RRL to “keep at it” and be patient.


Wise words from someone whose patience paid off after several failed attempts.

Speaking from experience, he also suggests to keep a lookout for branches on large trees where owls are likely to perch atop.

Looking forward to more discoveries

It must’ve been an exhilarating experience to finally spot a Barred Eagle-Owl, along with its adorable baby no less.

We’re grateful for nature lovers like Mr Tan who manages to capture wildlife on camera so that more can appreciate their beauty.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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