Local Company Refashions SIA Uniforms And Other Traditional Wear Into Cropped Batik Tops From $47

Refashioned Wear As Modern Batik Tops

As far as fabric designs are concerned, little is as representative of our region as Batik.

Yet over the years, it has become increasingly rare to see someone dressed in Batik clothing, or even Batik-inspired apparel here in Singapore.

The folks behind Makerly SG – a local company that specialises in tailoring modern Batik clothing – are trying to change that.

Most recently, the company refashioned the iconic Singapore Airlines (SIA) uniform, into cropped Batik tops, and has gotten rave review from their customers.

Nas Daily’s girlfriend, Alyne Tamir donning the ‘SIA crop top’ 

Makerly SG hopes to change the public’s perception towards Batik

Ms Ruth Lum, founder of Makerly SG, started making clothes for herself back in 2015 as she found those off the racks to be ill-fitting.

Slowly, Ms Lum grew more confident of her skills and started making clothes for friends and now, customers.

Today, Makerly SG is more than just a online clothing store. It also seeks to change the public’s perception towards Batik as well as other ‘traditional fabrics’.


Singapore shop tailors Batik clothing

To commemorate National Day this year, Makerly SG launched a unique collection aptly named Singapore Special series featuring the iconic SIA fabric.


Needless to say, the collection was extremely popular and reportedly sold out within just 10 minutes of its launch.


In addition to the apparel, the homegrown brand also launched batik-inspired statement earrings as part of the collection.


Makerly SG’s Batik crop tops from $47

Makerly SG’s stylish tops have already caught the eyes of many. Some public figures have even been seen wearing their Batik tops.

In particular, Martina Veloso wore one of Makerly SG’s Batik tops as she received her award for Singapore Sportsgirl of the Year this May.


Makerly SG’s Batik cropped tops are available from just $47 and are 100% handmade in Singapore.

You can check out the full collection on their website here.

Hope more designers will incorporate Batik into their creations

We are heartened that local designers such as Makerly SG are incorporating iconic Batik design into their modern creations.

Let’s hope others will so follow suit which will help to preserve this ancient and representative design.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.  

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