Dine-Ins Not Allowed At Bishan J8 Food Junction Due To Diners Flouting Safe Distancing

Dine-Ins Not Allowed At Bishan Food Junction Till 14 Dec

While we are now allowed to dine in at food establishments in larger groups, there are still strict Covid-19 safety measures in place.

Recently, diners at Junction 8’s Food Junction were caught repeatedly breaching Covid-19 measures.

This resulted in a penalty imposed on the food court — dine-ins are disallowed for 10 days.

Signs were displayed in front of the food court, informing diners that only takeaway services are available till 13 Dec.

Signs informing customers only takeaways are allowed

Since Saturday (4 Dec), signs have been displayed outside the Food Junction at Junction 8, informing customers that dine-ins are not allowed.

The ban on dine-ins will reportedly continue until 13 Dec. During this period, only takeaway services are available at the food court.

Food court staff on duty were also heard repeatedly telling customers that only takeaways were allowed, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The Food Junction management sought customers’ understanding and cooperation, apologising for any inconveniences caused.

Repeated breaches of safe distancing rule

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, a stall vendor revealed that the dine-in ban was caused by a customer flouting Covid-19 safe management measures.

Specifically, it was caused by a breach in the 1m safe distancing rule.

The vendor continued that this was not the first time diners have disregarded safety measures.

Due to repeated incidents, dine-ins were banned at the food court.

The vendor lamented that this has severely impacted business, which had fallen by between 30% to 50%.

Another vendor chimed in, saying their main customers are mall shoppers. With only takeaway services available, there aren’t many who even enter the food court.

Bishan Food junction

A Bishan Food Junction spokesperson later confirmed that the dine-in ban was due to the food court’s repeated failure to ensure customers kept a 1m distance from one another.

Dine-ins resume at Bishan Food Junction on 14 Dec

The Bishan Food Junction will be resuming dine-ins on 14 Dec.

While the dine-in ban might seem harsh, it is important that Covid-19 protocols are strictly followed to ensure the public’s safety.

At the same time, diners need to know that breaching safe distancing measures will negatively affect establishments.

As such, we should all do our part and adhere to safe distancing measures so as not to jeopardise establishments.

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Featured image by MS News.

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