This Boba Jelly Cake Is A Work Of Art, Now BBT Lovers Can ‘Eat’ Their Favourite Drink

Someone Made A Boba Jelly Cake & We Can’t Bear To Eat It

Bubble tea lovers, we’re sure you have drunk your fair share of boba items on the menu, but have you tried eating one?

Ms Siew Heng Boon – a jelly artist from Australia-based Jelly Alchemy – recently made a jelly cake.

Encased within its gelatin surface is the likeness of a cup of assam rose boba tea.

jelly boba cakeSource

Boba fans may want to get a slice of this.

Boba jelly cake has red & pink blooms too

Sydney-based 3D jelly artist Ms Boon’s recent masterpiece features an elaborately decorated “cup” of BBT complete with pearls and florals.

Some isolated red and pink blooms also surround the periphery of the centrepiece.

Complete with a trademark red bubble tea straw, this cake looks like a dream come true for BBT fans.

jelly cake

Finally created what was on her mind

Elaborating in a post on Instagram that she had this idea a while back but never got the chance to create it, the jelly artist expressed her glee at how she finally managed to recreate what was in the recesses of her mind,

Happiness is when I am able to bring my imagination into realisation.


She even allowed herself to indulge in a slice of her creation.


Who can bear to eat it?

While drinking this is off the table, this creation is definitely something hard to stomach as well — and not because it’s not good to eat.

With each creation a beautiful piece of art, who could bear to eat it?

jelly cakeSource

For those who would be hesitant to devour this art piece, well, it can make a beautiful but quickly expiring paperweight also.

Other beautiful creations

For those who aren’t BBT fans, Ms Boon has other creations that are worth taking a look at.

Take for example her concept of a pink koi pond, complete with 2 koi fishes and beautiful blooms affixed in a jello preserve.

jelly cakeSource

Some of the ingredients used by Ms Boon in her creations include seaweed jelly, and they’re mostly made with natural colouring. Vegan options are available as well.

Each piece is like magic

Jelly Alchemy prides itself with crafting high-quality custom-made 3D jelly cakes.

Like the name of her business, Ms Boon’s pieces look very much like magic — each piece is a unique and edible moment frozen in time.

Don’t sit there turning to jelly — if you’d like one for yourself, you can contact Ms Boon at her Facebook page.

Bottoms up and bon appetit, BBT fans.

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Featured images adapted from Instagram.

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