Assam Milk Tea Ice Cream With Boba Bits Is Perfect For Fans Bored Of Brown Sugar

PX Mart Outlets In Taiwan Have Assam Milk Tea Ice Cream With Boba Bits

We bet the freezers of BBT fans have been stocked with the Tiger Sugar ice cream bars since it arrived on our shores.

While we love the caramel-coloured slab, those who crave some variety can check out this Assam Milk Tea Ice Cream bar sold in PX Mart outlets in Taiwan. A box of four pieces is priced at S$5.57 (NT$ 119).


Here’s what to expect from this new boba trend, even if you’re not travelling to Taiwan soon.

Assam milk tea ice cream

Assam tea is known for its distinct malty flavor and fragrant aroma which makes it the perfect pick me-up after hours spent staring at a computer. Hence, classic tea connoisseurs will be happy to find that an Assam milk tea ice cream bar has finally entered the market.

Yaa Fang – a Taiwanese food company – debuted this snack for those that crave the pungent and semi-bitter tea flavour, instead of the sugary sweet brown sugar. In a nod to authentic BBT, you’ll find that it’s studded with tapioca pearls too.


The base layer promises creamy goodness mixed with Assam tea powder so you may detect the super-concentrated scent of tea leaves.

Brown sugar pearl milk tea ice cream bar

As part of their latest collection, Yaa Fang also offers brown sugar milk tea ice cream wrapped in black and brown packaging.


The popsicle is eerily similar to its caramelised liquid counterpart which features chewy bits of pearls and the dairy-rich smoothness of cold desserts. The delectable bars are streaked with brown swirls that are guaranteed to taste like a little piece of heaven.


More flavors of boba ice cream

Since our beloved BBT comes in a variety of flavors, we’re hoping that more will be adapted into frozen treats. More flavours of boba ice cream will probably require a bigger freezer for foodies with an adventurous palate.

Recently, we’ve also discovered that Taiwan has matcha brown sugar pearl ice cream that will make you feel green with envy.

Taiwan Has Matcha Brown Sugar Pearl Ice Cream, A Must-Have On Our Post-Pandemic Travel List

Currently, these new ice cream bars are only available in PX Mart Outlets in Taiwan. Until it’s safe to resume travel, you can bookmark all the yummy goodies that you can’t wait to try.

Here’s a map featuring a PX Mart outlet in Taipei:

PX MART Songshan Jixiang Store
Address: No. 99, Lane 11, Guangfu North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10560
Opening hours: 8:00am-11:00pm

Similar to Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar ice cream bars, we’re hopeful that this dessert will be in our hands soon. In the meantime, be on the lookout for trends that will enrich your BBT experience.

Have you ever tried Assam tea? Let us know what you think about its ice cream flavour in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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