Tiger Sugar Ice Cream That Went Viral In Taiwan Soon Available At Singapore Outlets

Remember the Tiger Sugar ice cream bar that swept Taiwan by storm?


It’s finally coming to Singapore, so you won’t have to go all the way there to get your Tiger Sugar ice cream fix anymore.

From 7 Feb, these delectable ice cream bars will be available at all Tiger Sugar outlets, including Tiger Sugar Dessert at Capitol Piazza.

Tiger Sugar ice cream bar sold out in Taiwan

Since its release in Taiwan on 24 Nov last year, the frozen version of one of Singaporeans’ favourite brown sugar boba drinks has taken the Internet by storm.


The ice cream sold out almost immediately in Taiwan upon its initial release at 7-Eleven. Boba lovers cleared their stocks of the ice cream, which is what took it so long to get here, according to 8 Days.

Brown sugar pearls in an ice cream bar

Tiger Sugar calls the sweet slab of creamy goodness the Tiger Sugar Ice-Bar.

You’ll understand why it sold out if you take a look at the ice cream itself — it’s practically a work of art.

Image courtesy of Tiger Sugar Singapore

Aren’t you positively drooling right now?

It looks just like a cup of the Brown Sugar Boba Milk. The rich, milky ice cream has caramel-coloured swirls of brown sugar running through it, giving it that signature ‘tiger-stripes’ look Tiger Sugar is so famous for.

Tiger Sugar Ice-Bar and Brown Sugar Boba Milk with their ‘tiger stripes’
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Everyone who has tried the ice-bar absolutely loves it. It’s almost identical in flavour to the original Brown Sugar Boba Milk, and even comes with chewy chunks of boba in every bite.


Having a few of these on hand would be the perfect way to satisfy those 2am boba cravings.

Available while stocks last

They’re only available for a limited time, while stocks last.

Knowing how much Singaporeans love all things bubble tea, it might sell out even faster than in Taiwan. You’d better hurry down to your nearest Tiger Sugar this Friday if you want to get your hands on them.

If they run out before you get there, here’s a dupe we found last year. It may not be Tiger Sugar, but if you’re desperate, it’ll do.

If you manage to get a taste of the Tiger Sugar Ice-Bar, let us know whether you think it lives up to the hype down in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Tiger Sugar Singapore and Instagram.