Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream In Taiwan Is Every Bubble Tea Fan’s Sweetest Dream

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream Comes With Pearls

Brown sugar milk tea is without a doubt the beverage of the year for 2019.

But if you think brown sugar milk tea can only be enjoyed with a straw, that’s where you’re wrong.

Xiao Mei (小美), a Taiwanese ice cream company – recently launched brown sugar milk tea flavoured ice cream that’s sure to get every bubble tea lover psyched.


Milk tea fans’ sweetest dream

A cup of refreshing bubble tea is the go-to solution to beat the heat for most Singaporeans. But why stop there when you can go all out and have a frozen one instead?

Introducing brown sugar milk tea ice cream bar, the latest dessert in Taiwan that’s sure to get every bubble tea lover excited.


These ice cream bars have an inner core made of fresh milk and an outer layer drizzled with a generous amount of brown sugar syrup.


Like all things brown sugar, they have a rich roasted taste that resembles burnt caramel.


Milk tea wouldn’t be complete without pearls.

Thankfully, the manufacturers have added in succulent tapioca pearls that they promise will remain “Q” despite being placed in the freezer.


Only $1 per stick

From what we’ve gathered, these ice cream bars are only available at mini marts and supermarkets located across Taiwan.

Each box contains 4 ice cream bars and retail for S$4.22 (NT$96). That means it costs only S$1.06 (NT$24) per stick — perfect for those on a budget and looking for something sweet.


So if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan soon, remember to add this to your must-have list.

Otherwise, ask any of your friends who are there now to help dabao it back!

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