Taiwan Has Matcha Brown Sugar Pearl Ice Cream, A Must-Have On Our Post-Pandemic Travel List

Matcha Brown Sugar Pearl Ice Cream Bars Make Us Want To Fly To Taiwan For Them Right Now

If the ‘Circuit Breaker’ has proven anything, it’s that Singaporeans love bubble tea, so much that they practically can’t do without it.

Now that we can’t get any without paying exorbitant delivery fees or making it from scratch, we’ll have to turn to alternatives like brown-sugar-flavoured milk or bubble tea ice cream bars.

Sadly, our bubble tea substitutes here aren’t as extensive as those in the land of milk tea itself: Taiwan.

Once again, they’ve inflicted the travel bug on us with Family Mart’s newest bubble-tea-esque offering, the Matcha Brown Sugar Bubble Ice Cream Bar.


Matcha brown sugar bubble ice cream bars are a fresh green treat

We’re literally feasting our eyes and controlling our drool while looking at these delectable bars of brown-streaked goodness.

They look as fresh and green as the leaves around them.


Peppered with chewy real pearls and caramelised brown swirls, they look like the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. What a pity we can’t get them here.


Collaboration between Tsujiri & Kenji

The ice cream bars seem to be a collaboration between Tsujiri the matcha house store, and Kenji ice cream


Although you can’t get these exact Tsujiri matcha brown sugar ice cream bars here, you can consider visiting their cafe at Clarke Quay Central for soft serve matcha ice cream fix once dine-ins are allowed again.

It’s even open right now, so you can hop on down there to take away some matcha goodness — that is if you live in the area, of course.

Living vicariously through pictures

Until the ice cream comes to Singapore, or we can fly over to Taiwan for it, we’ll have to live vicariously through pictures.

Hopefully, Phase 1 of reopening the economy goes smoothly. Once Phase 2 begins, life will slowly progress into a ‘new normal’, and we’ll survive, even without matcha bubble tea ice cream.

Featured image adapted from Instagram

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