New Botanic Gardens Extension Has Natural Playground With XL Cempedak & Saga Seeds

New 8-Hectare Botanic Gardens Extension Has Natural Playground With ‘Aerial Roots’

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great place for Singaporeans to hang out and connect with Mother Nature, but it’s about to get even better.

On Saturday (13 Mar), the National Parks Board (NParks) launched an 8-hectare expansion that features a new discovery centre and art gallery.

But what caught our eyes is the new playground with an extra-large cempedak, spring-loaded saga seeds, and hanging aerial roots that bring the little ones closer to nature through play.

Image courtesy of NParks

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect at the brand new Gallop Extension.

New Botanic Gardens playground has XL fruit & seeds

As Singapore becomes more urbanised, the way our children play has also changed — gone are the times when kids would climb and play on trees.

In an attempt to recreate that experience – in a safe way of course – folks from NParks have incorporated numerous natural elements into the play area, named COMO Adventure Grove.

The centrepiece of the playground is without a doubt the XL cempedak that kids can climb and scramble on.

Image courtesy of NParks

The cempedak‘s warts look to be relatively blunt, so you won’t have to worry about your ‘lil ones getting injured too.

Image courtesy of NParks

Saga seeds, or love seeds, are synonymous with many of our childhoods. At COMO Adventure Grove, children will be able to play with the familiar red seeds, albeit with a twist.

Image courtesy of NParks

Instead of picking the seeds up, they can hop onto one of the spring-loaded devices and have a bouncing good time.

Image courtesy of NParks

Not sure about you, but they also look like pieces of ang ku kueh, don’t they?

There’s also a sprawling open area with elongated ‘branches’ inspired by the aerial roots of a mature weeping fig tree.

Image courtesy of NParks

The kiddos will certainly have a jolly good time as they channel their inner Tarzans by swinging, climbing, and sliding on the array of equipment there.

Image courtesy of NParks

2 conserved buildings turned into gallery & discovery centre

Apart from the COMO Adventure Grove, 2 conserved buildings have also been refurbished as part of the new Gallop Expansion.

The Gallop House no. 5 (Atbara), which dates back to 1898, will be home to the Forest Discovery Centre @ OCBC Arboretum.

Image courtesy of NParks

At the space, visitors will be able to learn about Singapore’s ecosystem and the importance of our conservation efforts.

Image courtesy of NParks

Nearby, the Gallop House No. 7 (Inverturret) has been turned into a Botanical Art Gallery.

As its name suggests, the museum has photos, paintings, and other contemporary works on display, showcasing how art can contribute to the documentation of plants while encouraging the public to appreciate the nature around them.

Image courtesy of NParks

20-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT

The Gallop Extension is approximately a 20-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT Station. Here’s how to get there:

Here are the opening hours of the respective attractions:


New place to check out for the upcoming March holidays

We’re sure the new facilities will be well-received by Singaporeans, especially nature lovers who’d like to instill a similar passion in their kids.

If you’re planning activities for your little ones during the upcoming March Holidays, the Gallop Extension might be a place you’d want to check out.

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Featured image adapted from the National Parks Board (NParks). 

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