Bottled Brown Sugar Bubble Milk At 7-Eleven S’pore Is Perfect For BBT Fans On A Budget

7-Eleven Singapore’s Bottled Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Contains Konjac Pearls

Singaporeans love drinking brown sugar milk tea. But these small cups of bliss aren’t exactly friendly to the wallet, easily costing upwards of $5 per cup.

But now, there’s a way for bubble tea lovers to have their brown sugar fix without breaking the bank.

Recently, 7-Eleven Singapore launched bottled Brown Sugar Bubble Milk that costs just $2.70 per bottle — almost half the price of what you’d pay for the same drink at a bubble tea stall.


Polar’s bottled Brown Sugar Bubble Milk contains konjac pearls

According to 8 Days, these bottled brown sugar drinks are made in Taiwan and produced by a beverage company named Polar.

The same company was also responsible for the bottled Peach Bubble Tea that appeared in 7-Eleven stores here earlier this year.


Unlike regular brown sugar drink which often contains tapioca pearls, this bottled variant contains pearls made of konjac starch.


Despite its affordable price, the bottled price contains a generous amount of pearls, as seen in the picture below.


Those who are health conscious would also appreciate the fact that the drink apparently contains no preservatives or artificial colouring.

Available at selected 7-Eleven stores

Polar’s Bottled Brown Sugar Bubble Milk retails for $2.70 per bottle and is available at selected 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

If you’d like to give it a try yourself, hurry down to your nearest 7-Eleven store soon. Given how popular brown sugar drinks are in Singapore, we’d expect this product to fly off the shelves.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 7-Eleven stores in Singapore for you to begin your BBT hunt.

Featured image adapted from 8 Days

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