Thai schoolgirls bully special needs classmate, force her to bow & smash her head into ground

Viral video shows schoolgirls in Thailand bullying special needs classmate

Warning: Some readers may find the video and descriptions in this article distressing. Discretion is advised.

A video depicting two schoolgirls in Thailand bullying their special needs classmate has gone viral on social media.

All three girls involved in the incident are in their second year of secondary school.

Following a police report filed by the bullied girl’s family on 10 July, the two bullies have been suspended and assigned community service at a local hospital.

Clip shows bullies kicking & slapping girl

In the clip, the two bullies are shown forcing the victim to bow low on the floor before them.

As she lifts her head back up, one of the aggressors kicks her in the chin, followed by a hard slap.

bullying special needs classmate

Source: @RedSkullxxx on X

Both bullies then forcefully grab the victim by her hair, pushing her to the ground.

One of them proceeds to repeatedly slam the victim’s head against the ground, causing loud bangs, until her companion intervenes, saying that she might break her skull.

bullying special needs classmate

Source: @RedSkullxxx on X

After she ceases the assault, the other bully yanks the victim into a seated position by her hair, delivering three additional slaps.

She then issues a stern warning against further provocation, administering three more slaps before the video abruptly concludes, with her accomplice adding a final slap.

The Twitter account also shared photos of the victim’s injuries, including abrasions on her face and under her chin.

Source: @RedSkullxxx on X

At the moment, it is unclear what may have triggered the assault.

School suspends bullies

According to Thailand’s Channel 7 News, the victim’s family filed a police report upon learning of the incident.

They noted that she had no prior issues with the bullies.

Additionally, the Bangkok school has suspended the two bullies for five days and met with their parents.

Furthermore, the school has assigned the girls community service at a local hospital, aiming to educate them through first-hand experience in caring for victims of violence.

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