Burger King S’pore To Have Avocado Soft Serve So Everyone Can Atas A Bit

Avocado Soft Serve Available In Burger King Singapore From 17 Sep

Calling all avocado fans out there. This might be 1 thing you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Burger King Singapore will be releasing a good range of avocado desserts islandwide on 17 Sep, which will surely fill your stomach up with greens.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

These avocado desserts go for as low as $1.20 and will surely satisfy that craving of yours, especially with Singapore’s warm weather.

Avocado ice creams

After a good burger, you can indulge in avocado soft serves. Here are some avocado-based ice creams you can try.

If you want something light, perhaps as a finisher after a heavy meal, the Avocado Banana Cone will do just the trick. And it goes for an affordable $1.20.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

Or if you have a serious ice cream craving and it’s a particularly warm day, you can opt for the Avocado Banana Sundae with either a strawberry or chocolate drizzle. Each cup costs $2.50.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

Finally, for those who want something lighter, there’s Burger King’s very own version of a coke float — or should we say, avocado float with orange/grape juice. A cup will cost you $2.30.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

Bulgogi fried chicken & Taro pie

Aside from desserts to please avocado aficionados, Burger King will also release a Korean-style fried Bulgogi Chicken at $2.80 for 2 pieces.

Here’s a suggestion: you can try dipping those drumlets into the soft serve for a mix of temperature and flavour.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

Also making a return is the Taro Pie, with oozing taro filling inside a golden crusty shell. The pies will go for $1 each.

Image courtesy of Burger King Singapore

With such mouth-watering items being released soon, what do you think of these avocado flavoured treats? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured images adapted from Facebook and Burger King Singapore.

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