6 Caged Dogs In S’pore Have Mental Trauma, Welfare Group Seeks Funds To Build Them New Homes

Singapore Chained Dogs Need A New Home Or Funds For Enclosure

Dogs, like any animals, need space to thrive and really find happiness. But when they’re constantly caged, they may become down, or worse, get too used to that life.

This was the unfortunate situation that welfare organisation Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) encountered when they rescued 6 chained dogs here.


The dogs were found living permanently in tiny cages, and CDAS saw that many didn’t even dare to leave them.

Now, the org is seeking funds to raise them in a better environment, or find a fosterer for these poor doggos.

CDAS finds 6 caged dogs

CDAS said on Sunday (9 May) that the 6 caged dogs were found in an undisclosed location in Singapore.

They were living in small and rusty cages next to machines making deafening sounds — surely not conducive conditions for any animal or human.


The dogs appeared withdrawn, even resigned to their fate, CDAS said.


Opening the cage door doesn’t mean the dogs are free, because it seems they know no other life.


Some would return to their cage after a quick pee break or even be too scared to leave.

CDAS now needs funds to not only help rehome these dogs, but pay for medical bills, shelter fees, food, and perhaps training fees.

The latter is if they require rehabilitation.

New enclosures for caged dogs who can’t be rehomed

CDAS said that they’ll like to build new enclosures for those who can’t be rehomed.

The enclosures will provide more freedom and space for the dogs instead of being stuck within the tiny cages.


They ask for members of the public to PM them if they’re able to foster one of these doggos.

Otherwise, you can help out financially through bank transfer to Dbs (cdas Current Acct) 1100017922.

Chained dogs deserve to have larger space to live

The dogs have clearly suffered due to their homing situation.


But rehoming them will require funds, and this is a situation that welfare orgs frequently have to deal with.

So if you’re able to help in whatever way you can, do contact CDAS.

We hope that these dogs will receive a better home and eventually get over what they previously went through.

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