Cat Takes HDB Lift Like A Hooman, Thanks Resident For Bringing Him To The Right Floor

Community Cat Takes HDB Lift With Resident To His Feeder’s Home

Community cats often have a way of capturing our hearts with their playful antics.

They have become an integral part of our community that some residents even know where their regular resting and feeding spots are.

On Wednesday (14 Apr), a woman shared that a community cat would often wait with her to take the lift together, so that the feline could visit the residences of his feeders.

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The polite little cat even turns back to the human, as if to say thanks before walking off after reaching his floor.


Cat waits with resident for HDB lift

Back in February, a woman was at the lift lobby of an HDB block when a community cat called Ginger came along.

He stood with her, eagerly awaiting the lift.


When the lift arrived, he sauntered in before the woman.


Once he was on the lift, he patiently sat by the door, as if expecting his human counterpart to push the right buttons for him. A true cat-titude right there.

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Luckily for him, the woman was a resident and knew which floor he was headed to.

Thanks fellow passenger before leaving

When the lift arrived at his floor, Ginger confidently steps out before pausing for a moment, checking his surroundings to ensure his fellow passenger brought him to the right floor.

Before walking off, he suddenly turns back to acknowledge the woman, a purr-fect time to show that he’s a feline with manners.

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Ginger’s eyes almost seem to convey a silent ‘thank you’.

Seeing him approach, the woman opens the closing lift door again.

He looks up at her but a short moment later, he casually walks off again towards his regular feeder’s house.

cat HDB liftSource

Cat regularly rides the lift

Speaking to MS News, the woman shared that Ginger does this regularly and most residents actually know which floor to bring Ginger to.

Ginger often visits for food and to take a little cat nap.

She also comments that Ginger often goes to her neighbour’s house, meowing at the door during meal times.

Sometimes, he would even relax on the sofa in their house.

In fact, he was so familiar with the residents that he had many houses that he could stay over at.

Ginger certainly seems to be a popular and well-loved fur-end of the residents.

Comm cats bring joy and warmth to community

Ginger is truly an example of how cats can bring joy and warmth to a community with their ameowsing attitudes and affectionate nature.

Sometimes these adorable creatures can even forge a bond between residents as they share the responsibility to care and look out for them.

Since Ginger knows how to take the lift and visit their houses, you could even say he helps to elevate them as an inclusive community.

Have you seen cats taking the lift in your area? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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