Someone Made A Cardboard Home For Community Cat To Keep Warm, Earns Praise From Netizens

Kind Stranger Builds Cardboard Home To Shelter Community Cat From Rain

With so much rain in the last few days, community cats have little to zero shelter to protect their tiny hearts from Singapore’s unusually cold weather.

Thankfully, several kind Samaritans are looking out for these adorable felines. They managed to build creative, cosy homes made out of cardboard boxes to shield these cats from the elements.

A resident named Mr Ng chanced upon a community cat residing in a cosy home that someone built for it. He took pictures and shared them to Cats and Kittens of Singapore Facebook group on Sunday (3 Jan).


We can say with certitude that should the rain come pouring down, this little kitty cat will find solace and warmth in its little home away from the drizzle.

Community cat enjoying cardboard home

According to the Facebook post, the OP shared he’s been seeing curious structures made of cardboard boxes to provide shelter for community cats.

He said he spotted a “cutie” resting inside, so he decided to squat down to take a peek into its newfound home.

Subsequently, the cat came out to see its visitor.

Mr Ng commended the effort made by the mysterious craftsman of the cat’s home, as there was a drawing of a cat on the box with the word “Meow” written on top.

He wondered which kind soul made this.

More cardboard homes spotted at HDB estates

Many came forward in the comments to state that there are many more of such cardboard homes around their respective neighborhood estates.

A Facebook user spotted this charming home that has an adorable drawing of what looks to be a cartoon version of the cat itself on it.


This cat named Chomel, which means cute in Malay, has a cat-shaped door for its cardboard home.


Netizens touched by the gesture

In the global climate that we are in, a gesture like this is bound to warm the hearts of human beings alike.

Many chimed in on this Facebook post by praising the anonymous craftsman, like this user who said there is a hero among us.


One netizen made a comment in jest that the cat did not look too happy about someone disturbing her sleep in this cold weather.


There were others who were concerned about other residents being unhappy about these cardboard homes. This netizen mentioned one town council threw away a box and a clean towel that she had put together for her community cat.


Hopefully, this little kitty gets to stay in its cardboard home for a long time.

All kitties deserve to be safe & warm

We hope that Facebook posts like these will influence others to lend a helping hand to the little ones in need this monsoon season.

After all, little deeds like this bring joy and a little warmth to our hearts in this cold weather.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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