Owner Reunited With Lost Cat After 3 Years, Feline Somehow Travelled From Jurong To Simei

Owner Reunited With Lost Cat That Ran Away During House Renovation 3 Years Ago

Cat owners would understandably feel devastated at the thought of losing their furkids.

Even if we manage to find them, the process of coaxing them to return home can be quite challenging as some may be skittish.

Recently, however, a cat owner in Singapore managed to reunite with her pet which went missing 3 years ago.


Though it was last seen at Jurong West, the male cat somehow made his way across the island and was eventually found in Simei.

New cat found roaming around Simei

On Wednesday (3 Feb), several members from the Strays of Simei Facebook group discovered a new cat roaming about the neighbourhood.


The white-and-brown cat looked to be in pretty bad shape, with severely overgrown nails and cloudy eyes that were potentially indicative of an infection.


A member from the Facebook group contacted SPCA to have the cat taken in, but the authorities reportedly said that they will not be doing so as he did not need immediate medical attention.

Netizen claimed it resembles cat that went missing 3 years ago

Within a day, the Facebook user was apparently approached by a lady who claimed that the cat in question resembled her family’s pet that went missing 3 years ago.


Comparing the recent pictures and past images shared by the alleged owner, the netizen was “90% certain” that it was the same cat.


Cat reunites with owner after 3 years

On Thursday (4 Feb), the netizen took to the group once again to share how the cat has now been reunited with its owner after 3 long years.


According to the post, the owner’s family had picked the cat up some 20 years ago at Toa Payoh and had raised him since he was a kitten.

However, in 2018, the cat – which they named Manis – escaped when their house was undergoing renovation.

Though Manis was last seen in Jurong West, he somehow managed to make his way across the island to the eastern estate of Simei.


It was truly a surreal reunion as Manis’ owner finally got to hold him in her arms after 3 long years.


Using the reunion as an example, the Facebook user urged other cat owners who’ve lost their pets not to give up hope on their search.

A joyful reunion at long last

Our pets are very much a part of our families, so we can only imagine the joy Manis’ owners must’ve felt when they got to see their fur kid after such a long period of time.

We hope other owners who have lost their pets would take heart from this reunion and not give up on their search.

For now, we guess the only question that remains is how Manis ended up on the other end of the island. Fancy hazarding a guess? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured image adapted from Strays of Simei on Facebook

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