Adorable Grey-And-White Cat Missing For Almost 3 Months, Owners Are Still Looking

Pet owners form strong bonds with their furkids, and it can understandably get pretty worrying if they go missing.

On Sunday(14 Jun), a cat owner posted on the Singapore Missing Cats Facebook page seeking assistance in locating his missing feline friend.


Missing cat looks just like a San-X character Paripi

According to its owner, the female cat – named Paripi – has been missing since around 30 Mar and was last seen at Bukit Timah.

Speaking to MS News, Paripi’s owner shared she’s roughly 1 year old and has similar features as Paripi Chan — a grey and white feline character from Japan.


A crossbreed between Munchkin and Scottish Straight, the cat even has pink nose and toes like Paripi Chan’s.


According to her owner, Paripi loves catching mice and used to bring them as gifts for the family’s Border Collie dog. She’s also described as a “very tamed and friendly” cat.


$2,000 reward for cat’s safe return

The owner has apparently placed 30 posters in their neighbourhood in search of Paripi, but all they have yielded were ‘false alarms’ by kind neighbours who thought they saw her.


In the Facebook post, Paripi’s owner is offering a reward of $2,000 for anyone who facilities her safe return. Previously, the owner put out notices offering a $100 reward.

It is clear that the owner is desperate to get Paripi back with such a spike in the reward amount. Understandably so, for not knowing whether your pet is alright can be a painful experience.

We hope Paripi will be found soon

Those with information that will help reunite Paripi with its hooman family can reach out through direct message via the Facebook post here.

Otherwise, if you happen to be living around Bukit Timah, keep a lookout for this adorable grey-and-white cat and contact its owner ASAP if you have any leads.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.