New ERP System Will Charge Drivers By Distance Travelled

No more scrambling for your cash card before an ERP gantry.

Han Hui Hui Delivers Baby; Inadvertently Supports PAP’s Childbirth Campaign

She claims she gave birth without doctors and painkillers.

HK Government Suspends Extradition Bill & Vows To Listen To The People

The protests have been far too disruptive.

China Allegedly Launched Cyberattacks On Telegram To Disrupt HK Protests

DDoS attacks come at the time of the protest. Coincidence? Probably not.

Lee Chong Wei Announces Retirement, Ending A Stellar 19-Year Professional Career

The end of a legendary badminton career.

Hong Kong Protest Turns Violent; Citizens Give Out Burgers & Pipagao Candy To Show...

Violence is temporary, kindness is forever.

Kim Jong-Nam Met CIA In Singapore For Top-Secret Meetings Before He Died, Claims Report

But he probably didn't have much info about North Korea.


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