Wang Lei’s ‘apprentice’ Jayner Teh issues public apology to Chan Brothers Travel for online comments

Jayner Teh apologises to Chan Brothers Travel over live stream statements

Jayner Teh Qiao’Er, the live streamer best known for being Wang Lei’s “apprentice”, has emerged with a public apology to Chan Brothers Travel following a private settlement of an ongoing dispute between the travel agency and a group of live streamers.

This is over statements the live streamers, including Teh, allegedly made regarding a private tour of Europe that Chan Brothers had organised.

News of the dispute first hit social media in Aug 2023, and legal proceedings have since been underway.

Teh took to her social media on Monday (15 April) to publicly apologise for the incident, while a lawsuit is remains against the other live streamers.

Travel agency organised private Europe tour for live streamers in July 2023

Chan Brothers Travel said in a media statement on Monday (15 April) that it had organised a private tour of Croatia and Austria for a group of live streamers and their travel party in July 2023.

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According to 8world News, the live streamers accused the travel agency of “not delivering what it promised” on their live streams.

Subsequently, in Aug 2023, Chan Brothers Travel announced that it would take legal action against these “public figures”.

Although the company did not name the individuals at the time, many social media users speculated that it was Wang Lei and his entourage, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

Live streamer Jayner Teh, who has a reputation for being Wang Lei’s “apprentice”, was among the group.

Jayner Teh issues public apology to Chan Brothers

The same day as Chan Brothers’ media release, Teh posted her public apology to Chan Brothers Travel on her Facebook page.

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Source: Jayner Teh on Facebook

In her statement, she said that the travel agency invited her and the other live streamers to meet when they returned to Singapore from the Europe trip to address their concerns.

This was in addition to the company’s immediate rectification attempts after it received the initial feedback from the group.

According to Teh, the group initially asked for a partial refund, and expressed their intention to “air [their] discontent on Facebook livestream should [their] request not be met”.

To that, the company maintained that it needed more time to investigate before offering any resolution.

“Dissatisfied with this, I hosted and/or appeared in various Facebook livestreams on 15 July 2023 and 16 July 2023. In these livestreams, I participated in making numerous statements against the services rendered by Chan Brothers and Chan Brothers’ operations,” Teh said.

“I now acknowledge that these statements have caused Chan Brothers to suffer reputational harm. I should have verified the information given to me before making these statements.”

She added that she has since deleted the livestreams, and promised not to recirculate them or say anything about the tour that is “untrue” or “negative” about Chan Brothers.

“I am sorry for any harm and damage that the comments have caused to Chan Brothers, its management, and its staff.”

Lawsuit against remaining live streamers ongoing

Responding to Teh’s apology, Chan Brothers said it “demonstrates a commitment to taking responsibility for her actions and the company is pleased with the outcome of the settlement”.

Source: Instagram

The travel agency also stated that it will not be responding to requests for comments as a lawsuit against the remaining live streamers is ongoing.

Concluding its statement, the company added: “Chan Brothers remains dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and upholding brand integrity. The company expresses its sincere thanks to its valued customers for their continued trust and support.”

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