Yishun resident under investigation for drawing graffiti on neighbours’ doors, insulting them & making loud noises

Yishun resident under investigation for disrupting neighbours for years

A 49-year-old Yishun resident is under investigation for causing disruption to her neighbours for years.

Some of her improper acts include graffitiing on their doors, insulting them and making loud noises, 8world News reported.

The affected neighbours have expressed a desire for authorities to arrange for the woman to move away.

Yishun resident drew graffiti on neighbour’s door and walls

The incidents took place at an HDB flat located at Yishun Avenue 22.

Speaking to 8world News, a resident shared that the woman had defaced another neighbour’s door by scrawling graffiti on it.

Apart from the door, haphazard scribbles could also be seen on the wall outside the unit.

Source: 8world News

Woman makes loud banging noises throughout the day

This was, however, not a one-off incident.

Since last year, the woman would make noises that sounded like her hitting wood or metal throughout the day. This has disturbed the peace of the surrounding dwellers.

Initially, the resident made the effort to compile the times that the woman created such noises in his notebook.

Source: 8world News

“Eventually, I stopped bothering to keep track as there were just too many instances,” he lamented.

Due to the din, the resident wears earplugs to sleep at night. Nonetheless, he still gets startled awake by a loud ‘bang’ sometimes.

He told the site that he has made a police report.

Police currently investigating woman for her disruptive acts

In January, the same resident also spoke to MS News to share the predicament that the residents have been facing.

Yishun Neighbours Endure Loud Banging & Verbal Abuse For More Than 5 Months, Appeal For Help

There was also a time when she allegedly threw a flowerpot at his front door.

Image provided by resident

At times, she would even yell at him through her flat window.

He has also chronicled the distressing experiences on his TikTok account @yishuntony, such as this video that filmed the woman’s loud banging noises in the morning.

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When reporters from the Chinese site knocked on the woman’s door, the unit remained locked tightly.

The police has confirmed with MS News that a report has been lodged. Investigations are ongoing and a 49-year-old woman is assisting with investigations.

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Yishun Neighbours Endure Loud Banging & Verbal Abuse For More Than 5 Months, Appeal For Help

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Featured image adapted from 8world News.



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