Yishun Neighbours Endure Loud Banging & Verbal Abuse For More Than 5 Months, Appeal For Help

Man Named Tony Posts Footage Of Yishun Neighbour’s Antics On TikTok

Peace and quiet is something we’d expect from our abode during a public holiday or after a hard day’s work. But for at least five months, a man in Yishun named Tony says he has been plagued by a next-door neighbour’s harassment on a near-daily basis.

Despite installing a CCTV camera outside his door, the woman has continued the disturbances, even allegedly going to the town council to appeal for the CCTV’s removal.

The incidents have caused the man and his other neighbours great distress. His mother, unable to deal with the disturbance, was forced to move out and stay with his sister.

The man has chronicled his experiences on TikTok with the username @yishuntony and hopes for help to be expedited.

Yishun man named Tony experiences disturbances from neighbour

From about five months ago, Tony started experiencing disturbances from his next-door neighbour at Block 269B Yishun Avenue 22.

They include loud banging at odd hours including past midnight as well as after 5am.


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Even during the day, she’d slam on the front door multiple times, disturbing Tony and other neighbours.


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She would also bang on the wall when Tony was at home.

“Even when I’m just watching TV or YouTube, she’d shout or bang on the wall,” Tony lamented, noting that he has never talked to the woman since she moved in sometime in 2021.

As a result, he can’t get a moment of peace and dreads going home.

Door & gate vandalised, areas outside drawn on

Before Tony installed the CCTV outside his home with the help of a friend, his door and gate were drawn on with what appeared to be a black marker pen.

Image provided by Tony

More than one neighbour would appear to hang out at the corridor, making it uncertain as to who committed the acts of vandalism.

But the same woman who lives next door has since been seen outside his flat on a near-daily basis. Sometimes, she’d appear to throw litter or even food on the ground.


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Tony isn’t sure what she is doing, but he has observed her looking into his flat, both when he is at home and when he’s not.

He found out about the latter via the CCTV he installed.

As a result, he does not dare to open any of the windows in his flat. Sometimes, his neighbour would shout at him through her flat window.

Tony also opened his front door one day to find that an entire flower pot had seemingly been thrown against it.

Image provided by Tony

The incident left soil all over the front of his door.

Other instances include blocking out the corridor with items. As Tony has to walk past the woman’s flat to go downstairs, this has made his life unnecessarily difficult.

On one occasion, at 10.59pm on 14 Dec, the neighbour appeared to stand outside his flat and talk about how his CCTV is “the cheapest”.

Image taken from CCTV footage shared by Tony

Another man who lived on the same floor was standing nearby in the clip.

She had objected to the CCTV’s installation and went to the town council to complain about it.

However, Tony managed to get the permit to install his CCTV after arguing his case, even though he was initially requested to take it down within seven days.

Apparently, she is aware that Tony is posting about her online, but this doesn’t appear to deter her from continuing with her behaviour.

Recourse sought but neighbour persists

Tony told MS News that he had enlisted the help of Nee Soon Town Council as well as the Housing Development Board (HDB), but so far the harassment has persisted.

He has also called the police more than 20 times, he said. Once, Tony said the neighbour even called the police on him, claiming he’d molested her.

Each time, after talking to the neighbour, the officers would leave without taking any action.

Tony said he’s at his wits’ end, noting that his mother has had to move out and stay at his sister’s house.

He now lives alone at the flat, tormented by the neighbours’ loud banging as well as verbal abuse.

Tony also noted that instead of eating at home, he’d go to his sister’s house for dinner after work.

All he wants, he said, is for an end to the stress and noise he’s been subjected to for the past few months.

MS News has reached out to Nee Soon Town Council for comment. We will update the article if we receive a reply.

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