Same concept, different reactions

Oh what a difference a Hollywood production makes.

Recently, everyone has been reeling from excitement over watching Singapore being destroyed in Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl trailer.

The trailer was nothing short of spectacular, complete with aliens invading the Central Business District (CBD), Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and the ArtScience Museum, and blowing up our beloved landmarks onscreen.

While some people worry that showing the areas in utter carnage is very suay, the response has been largely positive. Many are beaming with pride that Singapore is now iconic enough to be destroyed in a major Hollywood movie.

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Student’s version of MBS being destroyed not so well received

Now, compare this to the reaction people had when film student Caleb Rozario uploaded an animated clip showing MBS being destroyed by missiles on Facebook in 2014.

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Mothership even saved a nifty gif of the video before it was removed.



Caleb was flagged for his foreign sounding name and someone even made a police report about the video. Caleb told the media that the video was for a special effects assignment. Nonetheless, the police questioned him and his brother and went through their phones, while netizens made hundreds of angry comments about him.

To be fair, netizens were irked by Caleb’s disregard for Singaporeans and not simply by his video. Because of Caleb’s disdainful Facebook posts ranting about Singaporeans — such as those calling them “spoiled” — netizens associated his school work with his attitude towards Singaporeans.

One cannot help but wonder about the major difference in reactions to watching two similar videos of the same skyline being destroyed through special effects.


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With reference to The New Paper
Featured image via Youtube