Online Petitions Rally Against & In Support Of Chan Chun Sing As PM Emerge

Singaporeans were shook by news that Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Heng Swee Keat will no longer be in the running for Singapore’s next Prime Minister on Thursday (8 Apr).

Heng Swee Keat Steps Down As 4G Leader, Says Someone Younger Should Succeed PM Lee

Hours later, the conversation took a turn. If not Heng Swee Keat, then who?

Singaporeans discussed who the prime candidates for the coveted Prime Minister position are.

Among the leading candidates are Chan Chun Sing, our current Trade and Industry Minister.


On the very same day, a petition was started on against the Minister.

Days later, Chan Chun Sing supporters started another petition backing the Minister.

Petitions start against Chan Chun Sing as next PM

The day DPM Heng announced that he will not be our next Prime Minister, a netizen with the moniker ‘Singaporeans First’ started a petition on

Titled ‘Say NO to Chan Chun Sing for PM’, the petition states that Chan Chun Sing as Prime Minister would be “disastrous” for Singapore.


It goes on to urge the public to sign the petition to voice their concerns that he is not suitable for the role.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered almost 4000 signatures.

Many signatories felt that Minister Chan lacks the empathy, maturity or communication skills to be PM.


Supporters start their own petition

While Minister Chang Chun Sing has his detractors, it seems that he has his fair share of supporters too.

On Saturday (10 Apr), an opposing group titled “Say YES to Chan Chun Sing for PM!” was started.

Chan chun sing PMSource

Created by someone that goes by Love Sg, the petition supports Minister Chan, whom they dub “Singapore’s Favourite Educated Beng” for the Prime Minister role.

The page lists his accomplishments such as helping to attract investments and generate jobs for Singapore.

One signatory said that his personal experience with Minister Chan as an NSman gives him trust that he can be a leader “in all circumstances”.


Gov to relook at issue of succession

During the press conference where DPM Heng had announced that he was stepping down, Mr Chan also spoke about the matter.

Chan chun sing PMSource

When asked if he was the next in line for the succession as Prime Minister, he said the team will need to “relook at the issue of succession holistically”.

Mr Chan elaborated that they will make a collective decision on who the next leader will be in due course.

He also assured that the interests of Singaporeans will always be put first.

Ultimately, the Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Singapore.

In accordance to Singapore’s constitution, the appointed person will, in the President’s judgement, command the confidence of the majority of Members of the Parliament.

Typically, the candidate will be the leader of the political party with majority of seats in Parliament.

Unlikely that petitions hold weight

It is unlikely that the petitions will hold any weight in the actual decision making of who will succeed DPM Heng.

Nonetheless, Singaporeans have elected to weigh in on the issue, and it’s good to see that we have an interest in the topic, since it affects everyone.

All in all, we’ll trust that the Government will choose wisely and decide who will step in to fill PM Lee’s shoes in time to come.

In the meantime, check out who’s going to be Singapore’s next top leader:

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