Cheapest Travel Months To Singapore’s Top 10 Most Searched Cities

Booking A London Holiday Half A Year In Advance Gives You Close To 50% Discount

Travel booking hacks will actually help you save a ton on your getaways next year.

KAYAK.SG has released information on the best times to book your holidays, to maximise your travel savings.

This basically means you get more pocket money to splurge on local food and trinkets to take home to your jealous colleagues and family members.

We’ve compiled the Top 10 popular destinations Singaporeans have searched for, and the best times to book your tours.


Here’s a list of the Top 10 cities that should be on your radar in 2019.

  1. Berlin (Nov) – Book 3.5 months in advance (31% Savings)
  2. Istanbul (Mar) – Book 0.5 month in advance (29% Savings)
  3. Osaka (Jul) – Book 2.5 months in advance (42% Savings)
  4. Oslo (Oct) – Book 1 month in advance (31% Savings)
  5. Jeju (Apr) – Book 0.5 month in advance (17% Savings)
  6. Hat Yai (Feb) – Book 1.5 months in advance (36% Savings)
  7. Helsinki (Nov) – Book 6 months in advance (50% Savings)
  8. London (Oct) – Book 5.5 months in advance (46% Savings)
  9. Medan (May) – Book 0.5 month in advance (23% Savings)
  10. Montreal (Feb) – Book last minute (4% Savings)

Now that the secret’s out, you know what to do. Here’s a useful infographic to help you match your preferred getaway to 2019’s long weekends.


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