Chinese Tourist Performs Water Parade With 2.5ℓ Of Milk To Get Past Airport Security

Chinese Tourist Stopped At Australian Airport Security With 2.5 Litres Of Milk

You may have heard of the legendary ‘Water Parade’ that Singapore soldiers have to undergo.

But have you heard of a ‘milk parade’?


A Chinese national took the ‘water parade’ to the next level when he drank 2.5 litres of milk to board a plane.

You can view the original video here.

Milk exceeds the allowed amount

You would think that people would check flight regulations before boarding a plane. Well, this tourist obviously didn’t.

Due to Australia’s flight regulations on liquids and aerosols, he was unable to bring up his 3-litre milk bottle on the plane.

Here’s when he had a brilliant idea. He decided to down the entire carton of milk so that not a single drop went to waste.


Other tourists can be seen staring in awe at this incredible feat. His friend even commented in the video that he doesn’t even drink that much alcohol normally.

He was probably just hiding his true abilities to ‘dah’ drinks.


He’s also probably exceeded his daily calcium intake by at least 2,000mg — we sure hope he’s not lactose intolerant for the sake of his fellow passengers.

Not the first time

Then again, it’s not the first time that events like this have occurred.

Other Chinese tourists have reportedly drunk a $200 bottle of cognac and 8,000 yuan ‘aphrodisiac wine’ when they were told that they weren’t allowed to bring them onto the plane.


Arguably, that seems even more hardcore than drinking milk.

Singapore also cannot ah

All jokes aside, Singapore has very serious regulations on liquids on board airplanes as well.

You may want to note this down.

  • Only 100ml containers of liquids, aerosols & gels are allowed
  • Containers must be stored in a clear plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre
  • Only 1 such bag per passenger

Hopefully, you won’t end up facing the same fate as this tourist at Singapore’s customs.

Featured image from MiaoPai.

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