Cancel Christmas Because All Our Wishes Went Up In Flames Like This Tree On Orchard Road

The Grinch is here. And he isn’t pleased

Orchard Road is a great place during the holidays. Giant snowflakes pop out of nowhere to hang out with caricatures of pot-bellied men in red suits and white beards. Tiny houses appear with white accents supposed to look like snow in a tropical country.

There’s also the ridiculously extravagant Christmas trees every mall along Singapore’s premier shopping belt absolutely must possess.

And the Christmas tree outside Knightsbridge is where the Grinch stuck.

Yeah, he set the tree on fire.

Just look at that raging fire and thick black smoke.

Who would have known Christmas trees were this combustible?

The Grinch, that’s who.

And to think the fire started of as just this little ember on Wednesday (2 Nov) night at about 9pm outside Topman and A&F.


Here’s the question on our minds though: Which Orchard Road Christmas tree will fall victim next?

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