Trance Duo Aly And Fila’s Set At Zouk Was Allegedly Interrupted By PM Najib’s Son

Ashman Najib cut short Aly and Fila’s set at Zouk

On Saturday (5 Mar), a man purported to be the son of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak cut short Egyptian trance duo Aly and Fila’s set at Zouk.

According to a video of the incident, DJ Fadi (who is the only member to tour) was asked by the management to allow a PM’s son to play. This, despite Fadi proclaiming that he still wanted to play on.

Fadi acceded to the request, but not before claiming that he would never play in Zouk ever again.

I want to play more, but it seems like Zouk here wants someone else to play… Because he is the son of a Prime Minister.

Anyways, thank you so much — enjoy my last track, and I will see you somewhere in the future. Not in Zouk anymore, I won’t play for Zouk any-fucking-more.

Zouk Singapore has already addressed the incident, dismissing it as a ‘misunderstanding’, and noting that an official statement will be available ‘shortly’.

But that hasn’t stopped people from being furious.


Others took offence with Zouk’s description of events.


And the netizens have an idea of exactly why Ashman Najib was allowed to play on stage.



Y u do dis Zouk

Do we really need to explain how disrespectful it is to unceremoniously kick out a guest performer to allow some random guy to take over the stage? Clearly, any performer would have practiced his setlist many times over, and to invite the 33rd best DJs in the world to Singapore only to cut short their set is just a blatant disregard for both Aly and Fila, and their craft.

Nobody expects Madonna to cut short her concert to allow the kid of some minister to waste the crowd’s time, so why should this case be any different?

So hey, Zouk, just stick to pleasing the people, instead of satisfying the politicians.

Even if this particular PM’s son can deliver a speech in Mandarin.

Featured image via Aly and Fila

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