Social Distancing Measures Aren’t Going Away When ‘Circuit Breaker’ Ends

That iconic picture of people seen clubbing with masks on may well become the norm after the ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB) period is over.

On Tuesday (14 Apr), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong crushed the hopes and dreams of outdoorsy Singaporeans at a virtual press conference, reported The Straits Times (ST).


There will be no going back to pre-Covid-19 days, when our full faces were shown to society and we stood in close proximity to others.

Seriously, don’t invade our personal spaces. They’re now extended to 1 metre by law.

More importantly, the social distancing measures now will not go away completely after 4 May.

In other words, if we’re going to go out after the CB period, we might have to start looking at local singer-songwriter Jasmine Sokko for mask inspo.

Social distancing measures will remain in some form

Measures such as wearing a mask when going outdoors or keeping a 1-metre distance apart from others may have to continue in some form, said Mr Gan.

While he didn’t give specifics, there may be fine-tunings to certain measures.

All this will depend on whether a vaccine can be found, and whether Covid-19 is still a large risk.

Maybe there won’t be fines for not wearing masks, but let’s not be hopeful that we can dump our masks after the ‘Circuit Breaker’ is over.

Life won’t go back to pre-Covid-19

This should go without saying, but if we were hoping for life to return back to “normal” – whatever that means – that will no longer be so.

We have to adapt to the new changes in our lifestyles, whether that’s not being in a bustling office, going to concerts, or having large hotpot gatherings.

All this cannot happen if Covid-19 remains a large threat to lives.

The ‘Circuit Breaker’ may even extend past 4 May. Then we’ll have to think about how to entertain ourselves at home — there’s only so many times we can rewatch Crash Landing On You.

Featured image by MS News.