Woman Feels Bad Seeing Migrant Workers Toiling In The Rain, Cooks Curry For Them

Singaporean Woman Whips Up Hot Meals For Migrant Workers

While most of us have the luxury of working from home, sheltered by the recent sweltering heat, most migrant workers don’t enjoy the same niceties.

Being unable to watch from her HDB flat any longer, a woman decided to cook up hot meals for a group of migrant workers working in the rain in the public carpark.

She filmed the whole cooking and delivery process on TikTok last Sunday (6 Jun).


Some love for our migrant brothers ❤️

♬ Keep Pushing (feat. Kamera) – T-Ferg

She also shared that the migrant workers were so happy to see her carrying packets of food for them.

Woman cooks for migrant workers working in carpark

A TikTok video was uploaded on Sunday (6 Jun), which told the story of the woman cooking up a meal for the migrant workers toiling in the rain.

From the comfort of her home, she was watching the migrant workers doing some construction work in the neighbourhood carpark.


As she couldn’t bear to watch them work tirelessly as the rain poured, she decided to cook up some hot meals for them, starting with a huge pot of dhalcha—a lentil-based curry.


She paired the curry with packets of rice, fried eggs and sausages.


After she packed several large portions, she surprised them with the delivery, much to the joy of the migrant workers.


Netizens touched by her kindness

The video has since garnered over 600,000 views on TikTok and over a thousand comments, many of which were full of praise for the kind-hearted woman.

A user was touched by the home-cooked meal as he’s been in an unfortunate position of not having access to food before.


Another comment pointed out the fact that she would too have loved the wonderfully prepared meal.


Knowing how hard these migrant workers have it, one user shared that he bought tea packets for these workers before, and they had million-dollar smiles on their faces upon receiving the drinks.


Kudos to the kind-hearted lady

The lady’s kindness proved that even the smallest gestures could go a long way.

We’re sure that those hot meals would’ve made the migrant workers’ day, and hopefully, this act could inspire others to do the same.

We hope that good karma comes her way for her generous deed.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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