Couple In S’pore Gives Migrant Workers Drinks & Snacks, Adds More To Share With His Friends

Young Couple Gives Migrant Workers Drinks & Snacks To Get Through The Hot Day

Many migrant workers leave their homes and families to find a better future here in Singapore, working a myriad of jobs. Little is known about the hardships they go through, but this young couple took it upon themselves to reach out and help, through a small yet generous gesture.


At first, they handed a worker in their neighbourhood drinks and snacks, which he quickly shared with his colleagues.

Upon seeing his selfless act, the couple decided to get even more food for all the workers to enjoy.

Their TikTok video was later shared on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, to positive reviews from netizens.

Couple gives food to migrant workers working under the sun

In a TikTok video, user @papakyong shared how she and her partner had spotted a migrant worker working under the hot sun on Vesak Day (26 May).


Seeing this, they decided to treat him to drinks and snacks as a small gesture of thanks for all their hard work.

Hoping that it’ll make his day, a man approached the worker with their gifts in hand. Upon exchanging a few words, they learned that the worker wanted to share his treats with his colleagues.


With this in mind, they returned a second time with more food and drinks for the workers to share.


The video ends with a caption stating that they’re not doing this for fame but merely to ‘bring more awareness to humanity’.

Kudos to the generous couple

Though some of us may hesitate to reach out to others, this couple proves that showing kindness doesn’t require any huge gestures.

We’re sure what they did had made the workers’ day and has hopefully inspired others to do the same.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around, and we hope that good fortune will also come for this kind couple.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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