S’pore Couple Turns Back From JB Customs After Spending 5 Hours Travelling & Waiting

Couple From Singapore Gives Up On JB Trip After 2-Hour Wait At Customs

On holidays and long weekends, Johor Bahru (JB) remains a favourite destination for Singaporeans who wish to take a short getaway.

However, the journey across the borders does not come easy.

With the surge of people hoping to spend some time out of town, it takes great determination for commuters to brave through the horrifyingly long waiting time at checkpoints.

Over the recent Vesak day holiday, one couple made the unconventional decision to cancel their JB holiday plans and return to Singapore after spending two hours in an almost unmoving queue at the Malaysia customs.

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Started journey at 10am, bus to Malaysia customs was extremely packed

In her TikTok video, @shiffythecow shared that she and her partner began their journey at 10am that day.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

At this point, the line for the bus to the checkpoint was already snaking. The couple only finally managed to board the bus after one and a half hours of waiting at 11.30am.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

However, OP noted that this was an “obvious” consequence of leaving at a peak period on a public holiday.

Suffice to say, this was only the start of a long journey for the couple.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

The pair cleared the Singapore checkpoint and reached Malaysia customs rather quickly at about 12.30pm.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

However, the extremely packed bus that sent them to Malaysia customs only foreshadowed the longer waiting time ahead for the couple.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

OP shared that there were “swarms of people, and it was packed (like) sardines” in the Malaysia checkpoint’s immigration hall.

There were apparently no proper queues or lines as everyone tried to squeeze through the crowd.

Video footage revealed that the original queue extended to the outside of the building.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

Couple give up on queueing at JB Customs after waiting 2 hours

The stuffy conditions caused by the sheer number of people cramped into the space resulted in many fanning themselves with handheld fans and caps.

According to the OP, some people in the queue felt so faint that people there had to pass them medication and fan them.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

The pair decided to give up waiting and returned to Singapore at about 2.30pm, two hours after starting their wait in line.

Source: @shiffythecow on TikTok

OP shared that their decision was prompted by how the line was “hardly moving”.

Netizens say couple made the right call

In the comment section of her post, many netizens shared their support for the couple’s decision to ditch their plans.

One shared that a five to seven-hour waiting time was to be expected for such long queues.

Source: TikTok

Going by these estimates, it would have been quite a wasted trip for the couple as they would only clear the customs between 6pm and 8pm.

Another TikTok user advised other travellers to have an early headstart — the latest being 9am — if they intend to travel to JB during peak periods.

Source: TikTok

Another presumably seasoned traveller shared that those who wish to make a trip to JB when it is crowded should register for the e-gates via the manual counters so that subsequent trips will require less waiting time.

Source: TikTok

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information. We will update the article when she responds.

With these tips in mind, for those who still wish to head to JB for their next holiday trip, be sure to plan ahead and travel earlier.

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Featured image adapted from @shiffythecow on TikTok.

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