2 New Cases Of Covid-19 & 1 Discharged On 4 Mar, Total Stands At 112 Cases & 79 Recovered

The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday (4 Mar) that 2 new Covid-19 cases have been found.

This takes the total toll to 112 in Singapore.

Meanwhile, 1 patient was discharged from hospital today, meaning 79 have recovered from Covid-19.

2 new cases includes Singapore PR

Of the 2 new cases, 1 of them is linked to Case 94, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 26 Feb.

Case 111 is a 43-year-old Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), who was in Malaysia from 18 to 21 Feb. He hasn’t travelled to any high-risk zones like China and South Korea.

He first developed symptoms on 24 Feb, visiting a GP that day as well as on 28 Feb.

The man also visited Sengkang General Hospital on 27 Feb and the National University Hospital on 3 March, the latter where a test revealed he had Covid-19.


He stays at Compassvale Street.

Case 112, meanwhile, works at Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay, located at 31 International Business Park, but isn’t a teacher.

The 62-year-old female Singaporean has not travelled out of the country, but is linked to Case 94.

She’s currently warded at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) after testing positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday (4 Mar).

1 new recovered case, total 79 recovered

1 more case was discharged from hospital today, meaning 79 have now recovered.

Of the remaining 33 still in hospital, 7 are in critical condition. One of them may be a 70-year-old who was confirmed to have Covid-19 on 3 Mar, but MOH hasn’t confirmed this.

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While it is slightly concerning that no links to Case 111 have been found, it’s also possible that he contracted the virus overseas. Contact tracing is still underway.

We hope the patients currently in hospital pull through and come out stronger from the virus. Together, Singapore can fight Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from NUH.