Creative Entrepreneurship Crowdfunding Platform Not Quite Over Star Wars Yet, Produces Parody With A Local Twist

Funding Societies came up with a relatable advertisement to promote their services

Bank loans and funding services can get a little intimidating and foreign if one is not well versed in this field.

An entrepreneurship crowdfunding platform made a video to promote themselves — the successful video also went down well with many Singaporeans.

Funding Societies is an online peer-to-peer lending marketplace which provides loans and investor funding to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here is the viral video they ingeniously produced:

An advertisement with a local twist

It appears that the Funding Societies team is not quite over the Star Wars craze!

Surprisingly, their video is not a total rip-off from the Star Wars concept as they injected some originality by using the Hokkien dialect in their dialogues.

This not only made the video even funnier, it was also effective in publicising their services and how Funding Societies could act as a platform to crowdfund for entrepreneurs.

Besides, it’s always nice to know when a company makes themselves approachable and has a great sense of humour!

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Featured image via Funding Societies
With reference to Funding Societies’ Facebook

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