VFA Seeking Experienced Owner For Cute S’pore Corgi With Heart Murmur

Every dog has a unique set of needs, but some require more love and attention due to existing medical conditions.

This seems to be the case for an adorable corgi that has been put up for adoption. While the cute doggo is undeniably loveable, he suffers from heart murmur—a heart problem in dogs.

On Friday (16 Oct), Voices for Animals (VFA) shared an extensive 22-question survey that aspiring applicants must fill up to help them identify the most suitable home for the furkid.


Cute corgi with heart murmur

The short-legged corgi pup is reportedly 6-month old pup suffering from grade 3 heart murmur.

Heart murmur is characterised by an abnormal heart sound, according to VCA Animal Hospital. This is usually caused by “mitral insufficiency” which could cause the heart’s mitral valve to thicken and leak.


Thus, VFA is seeking an adopter who has knowledge of caring for short-legged doggos.

They prefer a family that has experience with pets suffering from heart murmur. Due to the corgi’s medical condition, he is also not suitable for families with young kids or those who hope to engage in exhausting activities with their pets.

Sheds & could damage furniture

Though the cute corgi will no doubt warm the coldest of hearts, VFA warns it has a tendency to damage furniture. Corgis also shed so clothes and furniture may end up with chunks of fur too.

Image for illustration purposes only

If you have expensive furniture and valuables displayed in your home, you may want to reconsider adopting this cute pup.

Applicants to undergo screening

Since the dog requires extensive care, potential adopters must undergo an interview and screening process.

Aspiring applicants must email an introduction and include answers to VFA’s 22-question survey. Here are some of the questions:

  • Any experience raising dogs?
  • Any experience raising dogs diagnosed with heart murmur?
  • How many family members are there in the household?
  • Any current pets with the family?
  • For adopters with pets, who is your current clinic/vet?

Successful applicants will get an opportunity to meet the dog in person. Afterwards, they will undergo a second round of interviews and screening.

If you think you’re up for the task, send an email with answers to the survey to derricktan@vfa.org.sg.

The organisation will not entertain emails without answers to the survey, as well as private messages on their Facebook page.

While the screening process may seem troublesome, VFA prefers to go above and beyond to find the best furever homes for animals under their care. In the past, the organisation also had exacting criteria for the adoption of their mini dachshunds and corgis.

3 Mini Dachshunds Up For Adoption, Experienced Owner Needed As They Have Spinal Issues

Experienced and loving owner wanted

Cute corgis on social media may tempt some to apply without considering the potential consequences.

Unfortunately, becoming a pet owner comes with a lot of challenges too.

Pets with medical conditions may need numerous trips to the vet, and the bills can easily shock first-time pet owners. They also have considerable needs in order to remain healthy and happy.

Adopters are advised to read up on heart murmur in dogs, as well as caring for short-legged corgis prior to submitting their application.

We hope the sweet corgi will find the furever home that he deserves soon.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.