3 Mini Dachshunds Up For Adoption, Experienced Owner Needed As They Have Spinal Issues

3 Mini Dachshunds Up For Adoption From VFA, Applicants Must Take Survey & Go For Interview

Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a forever home, so you might encounter many ads for aspiring pet owners to adopt furkids who haven’t found one yet.

But it’s not so easy to adopt just any pet — some pets have certain special needs that only experienced owners can handle.

3 adorable male dachshunds that have been put up for adoption are gentle and loving, but need an experienced pet owner because of their medical condition.

Thus, Voices for Animals’ (VFA’s) Facebook post on Tuesday (1 Sep) also included a 22-question survey that potential owners must answer so the group can evaluate their readiness to commit.

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3 male dachshunds up for adoption

All 3 mini dachshunds up for adoption are male, according to VFA.

Mala is a 6-month-old blue dapple long-haired dachshund. While he may bark frequently, he’s a sweet and affectionate fellow.

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Cheongfan and Tofu are 1-year-old black tan and long-haired mini dachshunds. Both are adorable and gentle.

However, Cheongfan tends to be shy, while Tofu is more vocal.


Spinal issues & leg deformities

These adorable dachshunds will make you fall in love at first sight, but they have medical conditions that require a lot of care and attention.

All 3 doggos have a slight deformity on their rear legs and spinal issues. VFA warns that they will require medical attention in the foreseeable future.


As a result, they need experienced pet owners who know how to care for short-legged dogs.

Furthermore, they are also not suitable for adoption by active families with young kids.

Applicants to undergo screening

Due to the level of care required for these dachshunds, aspiring owners must undergo an interview and screening process.

The stringent criteria by VFA isn’t unprecedented. The group also did something similar for a previous adoption drive for corgis.

Interested applicants had to email to VFA an introduction and answers to the survey. Here are some of the questions:

  • Any experience with raising dogs?
  • Any experience with raising dachshunds?
  • Current household members?
  • Does the family have any current pets? If so, please state them all.
  • For current pet owners, who is your current vet? Which clinic?

Selected applicants would be able to meet the dog and undergo a face-to-face second round of interview and screening.

The organisation said they wouldn’t entertain private messages and emails without the survey answers.

It quickly received 250 emails, and said they had shortlisted over 20 families.

Experienced & responsible owner needed

When we see these cute doggos on social media, we may be inspired to apply to adopt them ASAP.

But potential adopters must realise that these dogs require responsible owners.

The cost of spinal or orthopaedic surgery may easily overwhelm first-time pet owners. Plus, the dogs will also require lots of love and care to successfully recover from each treatment.

Aspiring owners are advised to read up on raising short-legged dogs to guide their decision-making process prior to adoption. If you’re not ready to commit, then it’s the dog that will suffer the consequences of your actions.

We hope that this lovable trio will find their furever homes soon.

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