This Cute Delivery Doggo ‘Works Hard’ To Earn His Own Kibbles In Phase 2

Owner Dresses Pet Doggo In Cute Delivery Outfits

As Singapore’s economy struggles to recover after ‘Circuit Breaker’, times are definitely tough right now.

There may be people out there who have to resort to wearing multiple hats, just to put food on the table.

It looks like this adorable doggo isn’t spared. He’s quite literally wearing multiple hats, as seen in this insanely cute album shared on Facebook last Sunday (12 Jul).


Makes us wish we could see this cute delivery doggo in action, delivering our parcels safely to our doorsteps.

Grab & FoodPanda delivery doggo

In a time of a pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, delivery is a popular choice when it comes to food and other household items.

Here, the cute Pomeranian is decked impeccably in a GrabFood uniform, complete with bento sets on his back for hungry customers.


It’s not easy to do your job when the elements are working against you, like heavy rain or merciless sunshine. We’re pretty sure that explains the Pom’s slightly weary expression.

Looks like this Pom is finding more ways to ‘make ends meet’. We now see him in a FoodPanda uniform. That striking pink is unmistakable.


Even if he arrives late, we’re pretty sure we’d forgive this little canine instantly because cuteness is a universally adored trait.

Express delivery part of doggo’s multiple hats

On days when the doggo isn’t delivering food, he is ‘rushing’ to deliver parcels for Kerry Express.


With the parcel safely secured on his back, we can trust the Pom to be our dedicated delivery companion.

He is going to be so well-trained after all that dashing across HDB estates.


Wishing we get to pet the delivery doggo

The owner definitely has an astute sense of humour when they decided to dress their doggo up in delivery outfits.

If only we could see him in action. Warm fuzzy feelings are surely abound, after getting to pet the ‘delivery person’ when retrieving your parcel.

What do you think of the doggo’s outfits? Have you dressed your own pet up too? Share your thoughts and photos with us in the comments below.

Here’s another cute Pom Pom to fawn over:

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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