Design Orchard Reopens With 30 Exclusive Collections, Live Music & 15m Window Runway

Design Orchard’s Newly Revamped Retail Space Houses Over 100 Local Brands

In a sea of clothing and accessory brands, standing out from the crowd can be difficult for any aspiring designer — especially if you’re a local brand with humble beginnings.

To champion #shoplocal, Design Orchard aims to groom and profile new and emerging designers in Singapore’s lifestyle and fashion industries. It is currently the largest one-stop shopping destination for homegrown labels with over 100 brands under its roof.

Back after a month-long revamp, the Design Orchard Retail Showcase (DORS) brings a luxe shopping experience to those choosing to support local brands.

Here’s what you can expect at the newly refurbished creative hub.

Modular design lets brands transform retail space according to their needs

Upon stepping into the enclave along bustling Orchard Road, it’s evident that the folks behind Design Orchard are forward-thinking. They visualised a space dynamic enough to capture the look and feel of the latest trends.

Such details might not matter to shoppers at first glance, but allow us to unpack the nifty features that place DORS in a different league from conventional retail outlets.

The layout is now modular and features sections such as a VIP lounge, content creation corner, and reimagined store window.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

The introduction of moveable panels empowers brands at DORS with the freedom to tailor the space to present their distinct universe and voice in the prime shopping district of Orchard. This is one of the key highlights of the refreshed space.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

Using the panels eliminates the need for temporary or permanent fixtures that may be unsustainable in the long run.

For shoppers, this would mean that the space will change to meet new themes, trends and brands, ensuring that the experience stays fresh.

There’s more. We spy customisable shelving around the area.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

By switching orientations, brands have the chance to create on-demand spaces that spotlight new launches, while shoppers can easily check out new collections deserving of their attention.

Being an eco-friendly store certified by the Singapore Environment Council, Design Orchard does its best to reduce wastage by repurposing and refitting fixtures, shelving and existing furniture during this revamp.

So if you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you can shop at ease here, knowing that the hub takes active steps in caring for the planet just like you.

VIP lounge for intimate shopping experience

It’s not every day that we are treated to five-star treatment from start to finish when shopping — especially when we are not looking to spend thousands of dollars.

But you can enjoy a premium shopping experience without breaking the bank at Design Orchard’s exclusive VIP lounge.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

For the VIPs among us, you can look forward to an upcoming exclusive fitting room, allowing you to experiment with different looks and check out your reflection from every angle without holding up the line.

The space also allows guests to immerse themselves in a personalised shopping experience that goes in-depth into the stories, craftsmanship and details of the homegrown brand’s collections.

Instead of just seeing them placed on a rack, customers can now catch a glimpse of the “behind-the-scenes” of each design piece, creating a connection that’s beyond the superficial.

Special area for content creators & live streaming

Livesellers have become an increasingly popular way of driving sales.

The interactive two-way communication between sellers and customers allows questions to be answered quickly, eliminating the guesswork usually associated with online shopping.

This popular trend perhaps forms part of the inspiration behind the new content creation corner at Design Orchard.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

This nifty space, facing the vibrant Orchard Road, offers brands the freedom to create content that reaches audiences in both online and offline spheres.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

Such content includes virtual panel discussions, photo shoots, activations and even live streams.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

As customers, there is now more content from your favourite brands than ever to appeal to your senses, no matter where you are.

15m-long shopfront to dazzle customers

A well-designed storefront window can sometimes stop you in your tracks with a stunning display or intriguing concept.

To appeal to shoppers from the get-go, DORS has reinvigorated its frontage with a 15m-long window.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

Aside from serving as the stage for brands to display their offerings, it also doubles as a catwalk that spans the length of the window.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

The runway turns Somerset window shoppers into front-row attendees of a fashion show.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

Design Orchard reopens with exclusive collections & trunk shows

To commemorate Design Orchard’s new look, it will be playing host to a line-up of events during June, the month of its reopening.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

One of the main highlights was the launch of 30 exclusive collections by Singapore’s homegrown labels.

Through an in-store curated fashion show on 8 Jun, guests had the chance of getting up close and personal with selected pieces from brands such as JOANNALSM, RECKLESS ERICKA and THOMAS WEE.

Models donned outfits from these labels and strutted their stuff down the new window runway.

Image courtesy of Design Orchard

After the relaunch, customers can also look forward to events that revolve around themes such as sustainability and cultural heritage, as well as an exclusive pop-up to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

There will also be upcoming future collaborations between DORS and its partners.

The latest was held in conjunction with National Arts Council and showcased the beautiful works of mini-collaborations between local artists and designers.

The capsule collection, called Cocoonese x Victoria Hertel, features tote bags, sling bags, handbags, and clutches that showcase an array of shapes created with a fusion of painting, digital imaging, and textile printing.

Design Orchard also showcases the Fall Winter 2022 collection from Singapore Stories 2020 winner Carol Chen.

Fall Winter 2022 collection from Singapore Stories 2020 winner Carol Chen
Image courtesy of Design Orchard

The unveiling of the collection at the space will mark the very first time it has been presented in a retail forum after its runway debut during Paris Fashion Week in March this year.

To ensure you don’t miss any of Design Orchard’s events, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and their website.

Here are directions to get there:

Design Orchard Singapore
Address: 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905
Opening hours: 10.30 am–9.30 pm (Daily)
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
Website: Design Orchard, Facebook, Instagram

A sweet treat is in store for those who follow Design Orchard on Instagram — they can redeem a complimentary ice cream sandwich on 9 and 10 Jul.

Customers local & abroad can get a taste of local flair at Design Orchard

Local brands have always had to carve their own paths to success here in Singapore. However, Design Orchard hopes to help them take flight by providing them with both the space and the resources to grow.

As the go-to platform that celebrates local designers, customers from abroad can also get a taste of this novel retail experience that’s uniquely Singaporean when they stop by one of the most iconic crossroads in Orchard.

Suffice to say, the brand-new space marks the new chapter of a unique shopping experience for everyone.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Design Orchard Retail Showcase.

Featured image courtesy of Design Orchard.

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