S’pore Shop Has Disney Buns & Tang Yuan For Kiddos To Explore A Whole New World With Food

Online Shop Has Buns & Tang Yuan Featuring Cartoons Like Disney Princesses

As much as flavour is key to any food, we can’t deny that presentation contributes to the appeal too. For picky eaters like young kids, food in cartoon form like these Disney buns and tang yuan can make meals a lot more enjoyable.


Parents who’d like to add these to your home pantry need not search high and low anymore. Online Singapore shop Happy Cart has everything you can possibly imagine.

Here are some of the adorable selections on offer, that’ll surely get your kiddos squealing in excitement.

Steamed buns in our favourite Disney characters

Besides the Winnie the Pooh and Chip & Dale characters featured above, Happy Cart’s steamed buns also come in the form of Disney princesses like Snow White and Jasmine.


So instead of forking out money for fancy bakes at your daughter’s birthday party, these pretty steamed buns will do just the trick.

Don’t worry if you’ve done the Disney theme to death, as other cartoon buns are available too, in frozen, ready-to-cook packs of 6.


Simply pop them in a steamer, or a microwave, and you’ll have them ready in no time for tea with the fam.

Tang yuan cartoon heads that float in soup

While the chewy texture of tang yuan already makes them fun to eat, there’s no harm boosting the enjoyment by making them nice to look at too.

These tang yuans in the shape of familiar characters from shows like Monsters Inc., Minions, and Sesame Street will surely delight any child.


Cook them and watch the cartoon heads bob up and down in ginger or peanut soup, and even the kid in you will come alive.


Preparing these for special occasions will no doubt open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to entertaining the kiddos.

Now all your nieces and nephews will know who their favourite aunt or uncle is.

Have some ready for any occasion

Happy Cart takes orders for various products at different times, so we’d suggest following them on Facebook to know what’s available.

Just drop the admin a message with your queries, and proceed accordingly. Once you’ve gotten your hands on their adorable food products, store them in the freezer so you’ll have them ready for any occasion.


According to a Facebook comment, the prices are roughly as follows:

  • 50 pieces tang yuan – $18
  • 6 mini cartoon buns/paus – $8.80
  • 2 standard-sized cartoon buns/paus – $5.50

We don’t know about you, but we have our wallets ready for purchase. We’d suggest you do the same, and get yourselves some cartoon buns and tang yuan soon.

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Featured image adapted from Happy Cart on Facebook and Facebook.

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