Homemade Tang Yuan Has Glutinous Rice Balls Shaped Like Winnie The Pooh, Piglet & Dumbo

The holiday season is only a few months away which means more reunion dinners with family. To ramp up the festivities, we’ve found the perfect tang yuan that can put a smile on anyone at your dining table.

On Monday (5 Oct), baker Krista Tan from London shared pictures of her homemade Tsum Tsum tang yuan in Subtle Asian Eats Facebook group.

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Foodies will instantly relive their childhood the moment they spot their favourite characters.

Tsum Tsum tang yuan

Old-school handmade glutinous rice balls make us feel reminiscent of heartwarming reunion dinners. While we’ve eaten trendy tang yuan flavours, Kristie’s version will undoubtedly elevate the experience.

Grab a spoonful of these treats and it’ll seem like Piglet and Eeyore are taking a dip in creamy hot springs.

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We can only imagine the effort it took to create these precious mini Tsum Tsum balls. You’ll probably finish the paste and resist munching on these adorable characters for as long as possible.


Characters look like they’re enjoying hot spring

If you ever felt bored of keeping a close eye on boiling tang yuan, then you won’t feel the same with this dish. Kids and nieces will undoubtedly flock to the casserole to watch these creative tang yuan soak as if they were in a hot spring.


Throwback to your childhood

Dedicated fans can take inspiration from this concoction and create tang yuan that look like Pokémon and Sanrio characters.

For some fun bonding moments, grab your mums and aunties to help you in this ambitious foodie endeavor.

If you want to check out Krista’s phenomenal pastries, then do follow her on Instagram @esthabakes. Her bite-sized posts featuring boba cakes, macaroons, and cookies. She also shares baking tips for some of her irresistible sweets.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Instagram