You Can Pre-Order This Massive Psyduck Plushie From Pokémon Center S’pore Till 5 Jul

This Confused Psyduck Life-Sized Soft Toy Is Our 2020 Spirit Animal

UPDATE (1 Jul): Pokémon Center Singapore’s official online store is now on Shopee. You can get your hands on your favourite Pokémon merch without having to cab all the way to Jewel.

From now till 5 Jul, they are taking pre-orders for the life-sized Psyduck plush toy. Click here for more details.

2020 has been marked by significant events all over the world, leaving many of us absolutely shook.

Well, Pokémon Center Singapore might have the very thing to show that you’re not the only person feeling those complex emotions.

This cuddly Psyduck plushie stands at 80cm tall and is perfect for those seeking an equally perplexed yellow friend to stay home with most of the time during Phase 2.


Psyduck plushie has constant ‘headache’

This life-sized plushie features the water-type Pokémon’s recognisable yellow coating and his perpetually wide-open eyes.

He maintains his iconic neutral expression as if baffled by something complex.


Furthermore, he strikes his signature ‘headache’ pose, placing his puffy wings on his head in bewilderment.


A pair of adorable webbed feet stick out from his plump body endearingly, leaving all Pokémon fans drowning in its cuteness.


Our spirit animal

With all the hustle and bustle in 2020, many can’t help but feel as overwhelmed as Psyduck, and that is perfectly ok.

Essentially a mood, this Psyduck might be the friend you need to cheer you on during these challenging times.

Psyduck plushie now in Singapore

Now that Pokémon Center Singapore has launched its official online store on Shopee, aspiring Pokémon trainers can pre-order the plush toy.


You better hurry though, as pre-orders are only open till this Sunday (5 Jul).

Image courtesy of Shopee

Apart from our favourite Gen-1 duck, some new launches you can look forward to are:

  • Pokémon Center Singapore Exclusive Plush Pikachu with Lapras Poncho
  • Pikachu with Celebi Poncho
  • Special 1st-anniversary merchandise, e.g. double pocket folder and towels.

Image courtesy of Shopee

You can check out the variety of their merch here.

Sold out on Pokémon Centre Japan’s website in 3 days

Die-hard fans would have recalled seeing this plushie launched on Pokémon Centre Japan’s online site early June.

It was available for sale on 5 Jun. Though the purchase period was set to end a month later on 5 Jul, sadly, the item was completely sold out on 8 Jun — to the dismay of many fans.


Though it leans towards the expensive side at S$392.05 (30,800 yen), that was clearly not enough to deter Pokémon trainers from copping the confused duck to accompanying them through the pandemic.

Expect to shell out a fortune for Psyduck plushie

Judging from the hefty price tag in the Japan store, you can expect to shell out a fortune to have this 80cm-tall duck in your life.

As pre-orders will only be open for 5 days here in Singapore, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

But if Psyduck is not what you’re after, what else are you planning to get from the online store? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Pokémon Center & Tenor.

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