You Can Get DIY Covid-19 Test Kits At Pharmacies Soon, They’re Less Painful Than Swabs

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DIY Covid-19 Test Kits To Be Available At Pharmacies Soon

It’s been more than a year since the world started fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. Since then, we’ve come up with various means to detect and trace Covid-19 faster.

One of these is through DIY test kits. Previously, there wasn’t easy access to such home kits.

However, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an address on Monday (31 May) that soon, these DIY test kits will be available at pharmacies over the counter.


They can be used by frontliners, for instances, who need to get tested regularly.

DIY Covid-19 test kits for those who need to test frequently

Currently, one can head to certain locations, including many general practitioners and polyclinics, to get themselves tested for Covid-19.

This can be a slight hassle.

However, DIY test kits will be less uncomfortable and invasive than polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

PM Lee said they’re “simple to use, and not so uncomfortable”. Anyone who has to get a swab test frequently will know of the pain involved.

As the DIY aspect suggests, you can use them on your own.

We can get these DIY test kits soon, over the counter, from pharmacies.

Frontline workers can use DIY Covid-19 test kits

If frontline workers suspect that they may have Covid-19, they can use such tests.

Those who require frequent tests due to their work environment should be the target of these DIY test kits.

It’ll help slow the spread of Covid-19 as it’ll help isolate people quickly when they’re most infectious.


More alternatives to PCR tests

PM Lee said that there are now more alternatives to swab tests.

One of these is saliva tests, along with breathalyser and antigen rapid tests (ART) and even sniffer dogs.

Each test is suited for different cases.

More testing in ‘new normal’

The general approach that Singapore will take in the coming weeks and months is to test more and vaccinate more.

DIY test kits will further aid this approach.

Finding infections faster will mean that we can soon get on with more normal lives as long as everything goes well.

Additionally, those working as frontliners can be reassured that they are safe regularly, both before and after they get vaccinated.

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