Extremely Emaciated Dog With Cataracts In Both Eyes Urgently Needs S’pore Carer Within A Week

Severely Emaciated & Hairless Dog With Cataracts Needs New Home Soon

An extremely emaciated senior dog that has cataracts in both eyes is in urgent need of a new pawrent.

Kenko, who was found in a very sorry state on Friday (22 Sep), needs all the help she can get in her recovery process.

Source: Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook

While she’s been under someone’s loving care since her discovery, her temporary carer is leaving Singapore within a week.

Therefore, Kenko needs a new caregiver as soon as possible.

Emaciated dog with cataracts fell down stairs

In a Facebook post on Friday (22 Sep), Ms Chiam shared about her heartbreaking discovery at an undisclosed HDB block.

She had spotted a seemingly blind dog that fell down a flight of stairs. A photo attached to the post showed the canine with its fur almost completely gone, exposing its protruding ribs.

Source: Facebook

Ms Chiam appealed for help but in the meantime managed to feed the dog some freeze-dried food soaked in water, which it allegedly gobbled up. Looking at the state of the poor creature, she suspected that it could have been abandoned.

Source: Facebook

Thankfully, Ms Chiam’s friend offered to take the dog in and later showered it and fed it softer food. Again, the canine devoured everything clean. Ms Chiam noted in an update that the creature appeared to be easily startled “by any little sound”.

Dog appears weak, unable to control bladder

Posting her subsequent update in the Dog Singapore Facebook group today (23 Sep), Ms Chiam shared that she and her friend had decided to name the dog Kenko, “which means healthy in Japanese”.

Source: Facebook

Since they found the female dog, they’ve fed her three small meals which she apparently gobbled down quickly.

However, after her meals, Kenko would allegedly pee at the spot she stood in, which made them suspect that she may have trouble controlling her bladder.

Moreover, the canine appeared to have weak legs and some trouble hearing. She would reportedly shake unless someone held her, and she would fall asleep in their arms.

Describing Kenko as a “very manja” and “easygoing dog”, Ms Chiam appealed to everyone to keep the canine in their prayers.

She and her friend planned to bring the dog to the vet after attempts to locate the owner were in vain.

Furless skin possibly due to thyroid issues

Several hours after Ms Chiam’s post went ‘live’, Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) took to Facebook to post a new appeal for Kenko.

Source: Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook

This time, they are appealing for someone to take over Kenko’s care as her temporary carer will not be in Singapore in a week’s time.

Like Ms Chiam, they also noticed that the canine appeared “scared and [was] shivering most of the time”.  But holding her close seems to comfort her, perhaps because of the warmth of a loving, human touch.

Likely having undergone a veterinary assessment, CDAS noted that Kenko’s spine is curved and “visibly protruding”. Since she’s “almost completely hairless”, even the vet couldn’t determine her breed.

Source: Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook

But judging by the state of her fur and skin, the vet suspected that she may have “untreated thyroid issues, which have also led to a mild heart arrhythmia”.

Kenko evidently has cataracts in both her eyes, though it’s unclear if she’s completely blind.

Source: Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook

Dog needs new caregiver urgently

Despite all the help she’s getting, Kenko still needs a loving home to call her own, as her temporary carer won’t be in Singapore in a week’s time, CDAS shared.

Considering her condition, she would need a safe space to recover from her ordeal, which CDAS hopes to find urgently.

If you happen to be interested or know anyone who can help, drop them a private message via Facebook here.

Kenko has certainly been through a lot in the past two days — though who knows for how long she had been wandering around lost and alone.

Kudos to Ms Chiam and her friend, as well as CDAS and the vets who attended to Kenko for showering her with love and care.

We sincerely hope that she’ll find someone who can give her the tender care and attention she deserves.

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Featured image adapted from Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook and Facebook.

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