Dog In China Spends 14 Days Trekking Back Home To Owners ‘Cause She Misses Them

Dog In China Treks 100km In 14 Days So She Could See Her Owners Again

Dogs are probably one of the greatest creatures in the world. Not only are they dubbed  “man’s best friend”, they are lauded for one main trait — loyalty.

A 1-year-old golden retriever in China was the personification of this trait.

To get home to her beloved owners, Ping An, which means “safe and sound” in Mandarin, trekked for 14 days and 100km from one city to another.


Thankfully, she reached home to them and is in good health.

Dog trekked 100km in 14 days

According to Malaysian news site Malay Mail on Fri (6 Nov), Ping An was sent to stay with her owners’ friends in Nantong, a city situated north of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province.


As her guardians were renovating their house in Qidong city – located around 97km east of Nantong – they could not afford to take care of Ping An for the time being.


However, after 4 months of being in the care of the friends, Ping An disappeared from Nantong — only to reappear in Qidong 14 days later.

Remarkably, she was found 100km away and lying down in front of a building in Qidong. Her paws were bleeding and she was described as being skinny too, as reported by The Daily Mail.


Happy reunion through social media

As the dog was unable to find her way back to her owners’ home, city workers snapped pictures of her and circulated it on Chinese social network WeChat.

Thankfully, the images reached her owners and they went to fetch Ping An immediately.

In a video, it captures Ping An looking healthy and contentedly being petted by one of her owners.


According to, the owners told Ping An that she has walked a long way and that they will never send her away again.

Back home safe & sound

Picking a name of blessing seems to have helped Ping An reach home safe and sound.

This is a remarkably loyal golden retriever and we humans truly do not deserve these loving and tenacious creatures.

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Featured image adapted from The Daily Mail

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