5 S’pore Special Dogs Up For Adoption After Factory Closes

Most dogs with forever homes will be able to follow their owners even upon shifting house.

However, 5 dogs in Singapore who’ve only known a factory as their home are seeking permanent accommodations with hoomans who promise to love them.

The facility is set to shut down soon, and they will require animal lovers who are willing to welcome them into their family.

Dogs need adoption

A netizen posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday (7 Oct), appealing for adopters. We summarise their predicament below.

Puppers nap peacefully in comfy beds

Though some may have the misconception that mongrels are fiercer than their pure-bred cousins, our Singapore Specials are really no different from them.

The Facebook video shows them sleeping peacefully in the factory’s office, a rare sight because our canine friends can be very energetic at times.

Dogs need adoptionSource

Though some of them look pretty big, we’re sure that they won’t be cause for intimidation after one warms up to them. With tender loving care, they’ll become loyal members of one’s family.

Isn’t this the same for us humans as well?

Soulful puppy eyes to seek adopters

The netizen also showcased the handsome profiles of 3 dogs in the comments section.

Dogs need adoptionSource

This buddy’s surely got us feeling all emotional with his puppy eyes.

Dog needs adoptionSource

We think this golden doggo with a speckled black snout naps & floppy ears is a literal mood.

Factory doggoSource

Finally, this handsome pupper whose gaze is enough to persuade us to adopt, not shop.

All the best in finding forever homes

Their need for adoption is rather urgent as their factory is closing down and hopefully animal lovers will come to their rescue.

Unfortunately, as the dogs are not from one of the 5 participating welfare groups of Project ADORE, they may not be HDB-approved.

Interested applicants who wish to offer these fur friends a new home can find the contact for more info via this link. We wish these doggos all the best in finding a forever home.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.