Domino’s Pizza S’pore Has Cute Cat Plushies, Buy Large Mentaiko Pizza To Redeem

Domino's Pizza S'pore Has Cute Cat Plushies, Buy Large Mentaiko Pizza To Redeem

Domino’s Pizza Has Mentaikat & Bonitokitty Plushies With Purchases Of Large Mentaiko Pizzas

Ice cream, chocolate, and pizza are typical comfort foods many of us may indulge in to make ourselves feel better when we’re down.

Besides letting you chow away on new pizza flavours, Domino’s Pizza Singapore wants you to share some of your unlucky moments for a chance to win yummy food and exclusive rewards.

pizzas plushies

Here’s how you can get all the good stuff to cheer yourselves up.

Pick between 2 Mentaiko pizzas from Domino’s Pizza

The end of the year is approaching, which means school or work may be picking up pace as we face our final hurdles.

In such stressful times, food offers us comfort, though it may be hard to decide on what to eat. Along comes Domino’s Pizza Singapore with their two new Mentaiko pizzas, slathered in the creamy, delicious sauce.

pizzas plushies

No need to decide between Japanese or Italian cuisine as you can have the best of both worlds in the Prawn Bon-taiko Pizza topped with succulent shrimp, spinach, onions, red peppers and shredded mozzarella.

Every bite will transport you to Mentaiko heaven as the sauce is generously drizzled all over the pizza. Not forgetting the sprinkle of bonito flakes for the extra umami kick.

Can’t have seafood? Domino’s has your back with the Chicken Bon-taiko Pizza which has similar toppings save for the roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and green peppers.

Now that your tummy’s feeling loved, snuggle up with a cute plushie, which you can — gasp — get when you buy your pizzas.

Say hello to Mentaikat, a Merlion-like character who’s half-cat, half-cod, and all cute. He’s joined by Bonitokitty, who’s an oyen feline-fish hybrid with a chef’s hat and pacifier to boot.

Source: @dominossg on Instagram

We know what you’re thinking after seeing them — how can I get one right meow? Well, keep reading.

Get free cat plushies with large pizza purchases

To celebrate the launch of the Mentaiko pizzas, Domino’s Pizza Singapore has a special treat lined up for customers.

From now till 15 Oct, those who purchase a Large Bon-taiko Pizza at selected outlets across Singapore will receive an exclusive Mentaikat or Bonitokitty plushie for free.

Perfect for cuddling with in front of the television while digesting the Mentaiko pizza you had earlier.

pizzas plushies

Every week on Monday, a new participating outlet will be revealed on Domino’s Pizza Singapore’s Instagram Stories, which will be added to a growing list of seven places where you can score the plushie.

Source: @dominossg on Instagram

The locations that have been revealed so far are Sumang Walk, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Greenridge Shopping Centre, and Tampines. As for the rest, keep checking back at Domino’s Pizza Singapore’s Instagram page to find out.

The restaurant chain is certainly no stranger to being generous with freebies. A few months ago, they won the Internet’s heart when they distributed free pizzas to fans queueing for Taylor Swift’s concert tickets.


It’s a love story, baby just say YES! 🍕🫶🏼 #DominosSG

♬ original sound – Taylor’s Version – Taylor’s Version

Share your unlucky stories with Domino’s Pizza & win prizes

Another way you can get your paws on the plushies is by participating in Domino’s Pizza Singapore’s Not-So-Taiko Tales contest.

If you’re scratching your heads, “taiko” is an old-school Singlish term that basically means very lucky or fortunate. So, in this case, they’re seeking stories about times you were really damn suay.

One example they gave was from someone who missed the last bus because they were distracted by their phone and had to spend S$40 cabbing home. Ouch.

So if you’ve gone through a similar ordeal or worse, get it off your chest and write all about it in a comment on Domino Pizza Singapore’s Instagram post here.

You can also share it in your own Instagram Stories, but make sure your profile is public and you tag @dominossg. Don’t forget to follow them too.

Prizes that await include the adorable cat plushies and an Awesome Foursome set consisting of:

  • Cinnadots
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
  • Crazy Chicken Crunchies
  • Chicken Side (perfect for sharing)
  • Party Set

For more information, follow Domino’s Pizza Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.

Turn your bad luck into good fortune

After running into a bit of tough luck, most people would naturally want to forget about them and look towards better days.

Well, better days are here when you can turn what happened to you into a chance to win cool prizes like free food or cute soft toys.

At the very least, other people will also get to see your story and feel less alone when they know that they’re not the only ones in the world who have not-so-good days sometimes.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Domino’s Pizza Singapore.

Featured image by MS News. Photography by Shawn Low.

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